the Halloween episode is shown in a trailer, between Toy Story and horror gimmicks

What Halloween would be without the crazy horror-themed episode of The Simpsons? Also this year the authors have staged some ideas that could easily compete with the best episodes of Grattachecca & Fichetto.

We already know that there will be a parody of Toy Story and Into the Spider Verse, and in the short teaser published on Twitter we can get a little taste of what lies ahead. Ned Flanders announces the thirty-first date with Fear Is Ninety: Happy Halloweeno, neighbor! “, and shortly after, apocalyptic and horror scenarios appear, including the American voting booth.

Homer will have to deal with the elections, while the segment dedicated to Bart and Lisa will re-propose in parodic sauce the world of Pixar, with a style that can only remember Toy Story. If you were hoping to grab yourself a Halloween treat you will be left out of your mouth, since as usual Homer has eaten them all in the workplace.

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Fear Is Ninety (Treehouse of Horror in English) has become a must for lovers of the series created by Matt Groening, thanks to splatter scenes, absurd and frightening, which never give up on desecrating intent at the base of the cardboard animated.

In America the thirty-second season is airing, while Italy 1 is broadcasting the episodes of season 31 for the first time, so we will have to wait a little longer before seeing the episode in question.


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