The Great Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Great, a satirical black comedy-drama television series loosely based on the rise to power of Catherine the Great, Empress of All Russia, just premiered its highly anticipated third season a few hours ago, and fans have already begun binge-watching all the episodes. Some have already deemed the cost of the three-season rerun to catch up with the plot from the first season well worth the cost of their weekend.

The Great Season 4

After three very successful seasons, it’s clear that many people were intrigued by this fresh take on a familiar format. The most frequently asked question, “Will there be a fourth season, or is the tale of Catherine the Great over?” has been raised once again by devoted fans all over social media, and it’s easy to see why they’re eagerly awaiting news about the future of the series.

If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, you’re in luck: We have put together all the details you could possibly need. As fans eagerly await news of a potential fourth season on Hulu, let’s take a look at everything we know thus far.

The Great Season 4 Renewal Status

Hulu decided not to air Season 4 of The Great despite the show’s massive viewership. Hulu, like other streaming services, doesn’t provide audience data publicly, although the show’s success has warranted at least three seasons. It wasn’t long before we learned that the show wouldn’t be renewed for a fourth season.

Season 1 of The Great premiered in May of 2020, and in July of the same year, Hulu confirmed the renewal for a second season. On May 12, 2023, the third season of The Great was published, and by the end of August, rumors had spread that a fourth season would not be filmed. It’s possible that another network may take up The Great, but HBO hasn’t announced any deals or even said whether or not The Great is for sale.

The Great Season 4 Release Date

Hulu has decided not to renew The Great for a fourth season. This is the last chapter of Elle Fanning’s Catherine. The choice was probably influenced by a number of reasons, including Elle Fanning’s rising star status in Hollywood, the fact that she is already committed to a major television series, and the fact that her schedule prevents her from taking on any major film roles. That might have rendered it difficult to keep her on for subsequent seasons.

Fans will be devastated by the show’s cancelation (especially because there was likely still a lot more to the plot), but at least it will have ended on a satisfying note.

The Great Story

The Great is a historical and satirical dark comedy-drama about Catherine the Great, who rose from relative obscurity to become Russia’s longest-reigning female queen. Catherine’s early life and marriage to the tainted and dangerous Russian emperor Peter III are dramatized in this series.

The Great Season 4 Cast

Nicholas Hoult as Peter (and Pugachev) and Sacha Dhawan as Orlo would have been hugely missed from the cast of The Great Season 4. The Great Season 4 would have seen the return of the whole core cast, including Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great. Cameo appearances and other minor cast members would have rounded out the cast, as they always did.

This is how the potential cast list for Great Season 4 read:

  • Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great
  • Phoebe Fox as Marial
  • Belinda Bromilow as Aunt Elizabeth
  • Charity Wakefield as Georgina
  • Douglas Hodge as General Velementov
  • Adam Godley as Archie
  • Gwilym Lee as Grigor
  • Bayo Gbadamosi as Arkady
  • Florence Keith-Roach as Tatyana

The Great Season 3 Ending

Fans of this satirical take on Catherine the Great’s biography will find season three of “The Great” to be an intensely moving and thought-provoking experience. Important events occurred in “The Great,” Season 3’s last episode. Catherine was heartbroken by Peter’s death, which happened while he was beginning a secret assignment in Sweden.

Meanwhile, Catherine deftly thwarted Archie’s plot involving Pugachev, which ultimately led to Archie’s downfall and the release of the church’s serfs. Catherine showed her determined personality by acting on what turned out to be a misleading request from Elizabeth.

Before Grigor interfered and took Paul back, Georgina had planned to nurture him and use him as a rebel leader. In addition, we saw Marial approach Catherine with the revelation of correspondence between Pugachev and the patriarch, material that had been kept secret to protect Archie. Catherine was having second thoughts about terminating her own life when Smolny walked in on her.

She instantly swung the revolver around and pointed it at him, demonstrating her steely resolve. Catherine is able to steady herself among the chaos and resume firm control of her kingdom. With many unanswered mysteries, but a satisfying finish for the series, Great Season 3 concluded there.

The Great Season 4 Plor

Catherine’s rise to power began at the conclusion of Season 3, and it might reach a climax in Season 4. This means we will see the beginnings of how she became one of Russia’s most powerful dictators in this season. The fact that her son is her successor also puts her at risk, particularly because there are always individuals like Georgina planning to take control.

Archie is Catherine’s other opponent; she has him buried alive for his treason, but Marial discreetly rescues him. Catherine’s tangled legacy and connection to her fellow nobles were important themes in Season 4 of The Great, as they had been in previous seasons.

The Great Season Rating

Popular with viewers of all ages, “The Great” is a humorous take on historical events that has won the hearts of numerous aficionados of both history and fiction. The show’s 8.2 IMDb rating and 85% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes attest to its meteoric rise in popularity.

Where to watch The Great?

If you have a Hulu account, you can watch the historical comedy The Great whenever you choose.


The unique blend of historical drama and comedy, outstanding performances, witty writing, and examination of power relations and politics in “The Great” won widespread recognition. The show’s three seasons have come to an end, so viewers will have to reflect on the special times they had with their favorite characters.

So, it’s official: Hulu has no plans to air Season 4 of “The Great.” Sad news for fans of the satirical dark comedy-drama series about Catherine the Great and her rise to power in Russia, which saw her become the country’s longest-serving female monarch. Although the program will not be renewed, the three seasons it was on were memorable for their excellent acting and sharp writing.

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