Batman: The sexuality of one of Batman’s allies has finally been revealed

If nowadays society is more and more open to sexual freedom, the credit is also due to the pop culture of comics. In the modern era there must be no prejudice, as demonstrated by DC Comics with the sensational revelation on the sexual identity of one of the new allies of Batman. Let’s find out who it is!

The character in question is none other than the Batman’s new partner in the fight against crime, Ghost-Maker, a mysterious character that until now we only knew was trained in martial arts by Bruce Wayne himself.

In Batman volume 107, readers finally learn more about the vigilante’s background, starting with his sexual tastes. In the opening pages of the volume, we see Ghost-Makder, aboard the Ghost-Stream jet, indulging in a sexual intercourse with a beautiful woman, as well as with a man with an irrepressible physique.

According to what was stated by the same Ghost-Maker, the trio would indulge in “carnal bliss” for no less than two hours, during which time, moreover, Batman’s ally managed to solve six crimes.

Ghost-Maker, therefore, is part of theLGBTQ + universe. The one done by DC Comics is a strong sign of openness and encouragement to all those guys who are still afraid to reveal their true sexual identity.

What do you think of this sensational revelation? Would you like to further explore the sexuality of the various heroes? Meanwhile, Harley Quinn’s sexual orientation is also not what everyone expected. Joker may not be her true love. A more classic love story is that of Nightwing. Here is his first meeting with his soul mate in Batman.

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