The Change Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Information

The Change is a comedy-drama series written and produced by Bridget Christie for Channel 4 in 2023. After such a successful first season, fans of The Change are counting down the days before the release of the second season. It was produced by Expectation Entertainment, and Al Campbell directed it.

Lisa Mitchell serves as producer for the six-episode series, which also has Bridget Christie, Nerys Evans, and Morwenna Gordon in executive producing roles. The cast also included Christie regulars Liza Tarbuck, Omid Djalili, Paul Whitehouse, Monica Dolan, and Jim Howick. Find out everything you need to know about Season 2 of The Change right here.

The Change Season 2 Release Date

There has been no confirmation one way or the other as to whether or not the show would return for a second season. Considering this, there are a few causes for hope that the show may be renewed for more episodes. The Change’s first season premieres on Channel 4 on June 2, 2023, and runs until July 7, 2023.

The Change Storyline

Following Linda, a lady in her fifties who is thrust into menopause, “The Change” depicts her dramatic experience. As a result of the emotional and mental shifts that come with middle age, Linda decides to embark on a journey to rediscover who she is.

Linda uproots her life and settles into a trailer in the beautiful Forest of Dean. Here, amid the peaceful splendor of nature, she hopes to find solace and an opportunity to rediscover herself. As Linda faces the challenges and reaps the benefits of menopause, she encounters a cast of colorful and fascinating characters that shape her experience along the way.

Over the span of the show’s six episodes, we see Linda’s process of coming into her own unfolding. From her search for a time capsule she buried as a child to her participation in the organizing of the annual town meeting and the Eel Festival, Linda’s experiences provide humor, insight, and unexpected turns.

Similarly, Linda’s connections with others will evolve as a result. Siobhan, Linda’s sister, visits her with ill will because of how much time Linda is spending away from the family. Linda experiences challenges and troubles with keeping her secrets, but she finds friends in Joy and the Eel sisters, who become her allies.

The Change Cast

  • Bridget Christie as Linda
  • Monica Dolan as Carmel
  • Susan Lynch as Agnes
  • Jim Howick as Verderer
  • Omid Djalili as Steve
  • Liza Tarbuck as Siobhain
  • Tanya Moodie as Joy
  • Paul Whitehouse as Tony
  • Jerome Flynn as William (Pig Man)
  • Sonny Charlton as Ryan
  • Rich Keeble as Trevor
  • Nicholas A. Newman as Jerry

The Change Season 2 Plot

What this means for the upcoming second season is anyone’s guess. But Linda and the villagers will probably be the focus once again. As a result, we expect it to pick up right where the last episode left off. The local eel festival was where Steve unexpectedly ran into his future bride. Would he be able to fit in socially as well?

Intriguing new individuals might be introduced in Season 2 to further investigate themes of midlife shifts, family interactions, and individual growth. The show might maintain its balance between comedic relief and dramatic tension by including both humorous and poignant moments of self-reflection.

The Change Season 2 Trailer

A promotional video for season two of The Change has not yet been released.

The Change Season 1 Rating

The critical response to “The Change” has been overwhelmingly positive. The show has been well-received by its audience, earning a 7.2/10 rating on IMDb and an 88% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. To add to its positive critical reception, the Evening Standard gave it a grade of 4 stars out of 5.

Where to watch The Change Season 2?

Channel 4’s website and app both have the first season of The Change available to view for free with an account. Channel 4’s streaming service, All 4, also offers it to subscribers. It’s likely that the second season will be available to watch online via the same services.

The Change Season 1 Review

Christie, the show’s brilliant creator, and actress, plays Linda, a 50-year-old mother and homemaker who believes she has dementia with early onset after forgetting the name of a shoe. Menopause, she learns at the doctor’s office, is to blame for her memory loss.

After enduring her terrible 50th birthday party, at which her husband and his skill for catching a hot dog in his mouth grant him a greater spotlight than she gets, Linda determines to head out on the road on her old Triumph motorcycle for a journey of discovery of oneself inspired by the physical change in her body.

Even though the program has a feminist edge, anyone who has experienced menopause will be able to relate to it. Those who have grown bored with daily life and sought to give their lives deeper purpose may also enjoy this book. While similar comedies have been made before (such as the recent American show Life & Beth about another woman’s (Amy Schumer’s) attempts at self-reflection), this one succeeds thanks to its eccentric British humor and Christie’s talented playing.

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