The Goal of the Avengers: EndGame Producer

The goal of the Avengers: EndGame Producer

Before 10 Years ago, Avenger series was started with the first movie Iron Man. Marvel Studios are behind the movie. After 23 Marvel Movies Producer of Avengers: End Game says that it is always in mind and goal to make the biggest movie.


When Avengers: End Game hits the cinema halls, at that time Avengers Break the all box office records, Even it is the overtake the highest-grossing movie James Camaron’s Avatar.

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Trinh Tran is the first man of the Marvel Universe. He Joins the First when Iron Man is on Paper, At that time he is the staff member of marvel universe and now he became the Executive Producer of the Marvel Studios. So, He knows inside-out of the Marvel Studios and vision.

Tran is on tour for the media release of the Endgame, He is there to Promote home media. At that time he started from the beginning and give the dusty details about the marvel universe. He is not creating only the biggest movies but marvel studio is the biggest production house in Hollywood.

To remember those initial days he said that, “I think it’s always been in Kevin Feige mind that one day we would all get a chance to be able to make Infinity War and Endgame,” Tran included “And that was just a dream over 10 years ago. He really hoped that one day that would happen. I can’t remember specifically at what point we started talking about Infinity War and Endgame in detail, but it must’ve been in one of the movies when we were shooting with the Russos.”

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Further Producer Tran Continues, “We’re like, ‘Okay, we’re getting somewhere,’ you know? Like, ‘This is going to happen.’ But it’s always been in Kevin’s mind that we would start off with these characters and create their different franchises and their narrative separately and then have them ultimately come together with The Avengers. That was step one and we got through that first.”

Then Studio is going through the Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. At that time Marvel Studio as a company moved to dig the new characters and franchise. That’s how to foray from Guardians of Galaxy to Age of Ultron.

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