The Gloaming Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know

The Gloaming is a well-known crime drama, supernatural mystery thriller, and mystery show from Australia. Victoria Madden created the show and is also one of its producers, along with Fiona McConaghy and John Molloy. Nick Forward, Jon Adgemis, Keli Lee, Michael Gudinski, and Greg McLean are the show’s executive producers.

All of the roles in the series were played by talented people. Emma Booth, Aaron Pedersen, Ewen Leslie, Nicole Chamoun, Matthew Testro, Anthony Phelan, Ditch Davey, Martin Henderson, Max Brown, Rena Owen, Josephine Blazier, Zenia Starr, and Markella Kavenagh are among the stars. Since the show is set in Tasmania, Emma Booth, and Ewen Leslie trained themselves to speak with Western Australian accents before filming began.

The first season of the show premiered on Australia’s streaming service Stan on January 1, 2020. It was made by the 2 Jons, Sweet Potato Films, and ABC Studios. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has a 60% approval rating, and on IMDb, it has a 6.6 out of 10 rating, which shows that critics and audiences liked it.

The Gloaming Story

The Gloaming is an Australian TV show that debuted in the US on the Starz cable network. It stars Emma Booth, Ewen Leslie, Martin Henderson, Aaron Pedersen, Rena Owen, Josephine Blazier, and Matt Testro. It takes place in Tasmania. When a woman is brutally killed and her body is found, the clues that are left behind link her death to crimes that happened recently and in the past.

Strange crimes and occult rituals quickly get mixed up with corrupt politics and shady business deals. Molly McGee (Booth) and Alex O’Connell (Leslie), who are detectives, are at the center of this web. Both of them have had hard times in the past. The ghosts of the unhappy dead who don’t want to leave the gray area between life and death force them to learn the truth in a scary way.

The Gloaming Season 2 Cast

  • Emma Booth as Molly McGee
  • Ewen Leslie as Alex O’Connell
  • Finn Ireland as Young Alex
  • Aaron Pedersen as Inspector Lewis Grimshaw
  • Anthony Phelan as William Fian
  • Nicole Chamoun as Jacinta Clunes
  • Ditch Davey as Toby Broomhall
  • Max Brown as Oscar Wolfe
  • Josephine Blazier as Lily Broomhall
  • Matthew Testro as Freddie Hopkins
  • Markella Kavenagh as Daisy Hart
  • Zenia Starr as Freya Harris
  • Rena Owen as Grace Cochran
  • Martin Henderson as Gareth McAvaney


  • Ben Morton, as Constable Francis
  • Milly Alcock as Jenny McGinty
  • Airlie Dodds as Stephanie McGinty
  • Nell Feeney as Shelly Hopkins
  • Anni Finsterer as Eileen McGinty
  • Katherine Pearson as Georgia
  • Lisa Gormley as Angela Broomhall
  • Dushan Philips as Eric Fox
  • Virginie Laverdure as Maggie Madden
  • Coco Whelan as Valerie Gowdie
  • Kris McQuade as Carrie Bennett
  • Ratidzo Mambo as Adrienne
  • Nathan Spencer as Ben O’Connell

The Gloaming Season 2 Plot

The creators of The Gloaming haven’t said anything yet about what will happen in Season 2. But it will take place after what happened in the last season. The main plot is about Molly McGee, a strange and troubled police officer who is looking into a woman’s death. She works with Alex O’Connell, who is a person she hasn’t talked to in 20 years. They discover that the murder is linked to a past case, political corruption, and occult practices.

The show is a mix of crime drama and the supernatural, which has always been a good combination at the movies and on TV. People have sometimes wished that there were more seasons. People really liked Season 1, so the creators decided to make a second season. We can still look forward to season three.

The Gloaming Review

The Gloaming was amazing, and the creator and writer, Vicki Madden, did a great job with it. The way the story was told was good, and it met the standards of a crime thriller. As one of the most important parts of a crime or horror thriller, the cinematography in this show is gorgeous. Marden Dean is in charge of the cinematography. He also worked on the films Breath, Boys in the Trees, and The Infinite Man. Every image looks like a work of art because it was dark and scary.

The movie The Gloaming was made on an island in Australia called Tasmania. The places shown in the show are an important part of the plot. And the scary places and sounds make you feel scared and shaken, which is exactly what the author wanted us to feel. The movie is about the link between life, death, and the past, as well as supernatural things.

The Gloaming Season 2 Release Date

The first season of The Gloaming came out on January 1, 2020, and had 8 episodes that were each about 50 minutes long. On May 9, 2021, the last episode came out. Fans found out in May 2020 that the team was working on making season 2, but since then, there has been no official statement.

There were rumors in 2020 that the second season was already being filmed, but as of February 2023, we haven’t heard anything good from the show’s creators. So, the show’s creators haven’t said anything official about when the second season will come out. We can’t really tell you anything for certain until we know what the official word is. The audience is looking forward to the show because they love it so much, but we don’t know why the creators of the show haven’t said anything about the second season yet.

Where can I watch The Gloaming?

In the US, the first season of the show was made available on Amazon Prime Video, Starz, the Roku channel, and DIRECTV. In Australia, you can watch the first season on Stan. In the UK, you can stream the first season on Disney Plus and Virgin TV Go. We can probably assume that season 2 will also be able to be watched on this platform once it comes out.

The first season was fun to watch and made people curious about the mysteries and questions that weren’t answered, like Molly and Alex’s past and the mystery between Molly and her daughter. These questions would be answered in season 2. We would find out more about the investigation and about the strange person who killed Jenny. We would also know what the connection is between Jenny’s death and the other case. People can’t wait for season two.

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