The Game Awards 2020: Keighley sets the date of the event with many World Premiere

From the pages of his official social profiles, the journalist and videogame presenter Geoff Keighley has finally announced the date of The Game Awards 2020, the next edition of the now famous event which, like every year, is the background to many announcements between gameplay and World Premiere.

Due to the known problems related to the Coronavirus emergency and the impossibility of maintaining the formula adopted in past years (with the participation of a large audience), the next media event planned by Keighley will be held strictly digitally.

The videogame festival of the TGA 2020 should therefore take a similar form to the recent one Opening Night Live 2020 with which Keighley himself baptized Gamescom. Individual developers and publishers will thus be guaranteed the same communicative space to illustrate their new projects with in-depth films on games already announced, developer comments and the inevitable World Premiere. And this, without mentioning the surprises expected during the awards ceremony of the individual titles and studies in nomination to win the statuettes of TGA.

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Without further ado, we inform those who follow us that The Game Awards 2020 will be officially held on December 10 and will be streamed worldwide from the triple venue for the event, with digital stages set up in The Angels, Tokyo e London.


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