The final version of iOS 14.5 is near: when will we see its launch

The betas of iOS, iPadOS and tvOS 14.5 as well as those of watchOS 7.7 and macOS 11.3 are already coming to an end. We should see the final versions shortly of all these operating systems and to be able to enjoy the many novelties that they bring. The question that many of us ask ourselves is when?

More clues than usual, but still waiting

In general, Apple does not pre-announce the launch of the medium versions of the operating systems, more or less we know that around March there is usually an update and little else. Nevertheless, this year we have several tracks on when we should see these updates arrive.

The first of them and the one with which we have been a reference for the longest time is that the App Tracking Transparency, which comes with version 14.5 of iOS and iPadOS, is announced by Apple itself for “early spring”, that is, as of March 20. A date that we have already left behind without further news. If we take “early” at face value, we should see news before April 20, that is, during the first month of spring.

Another reference on the release date comes thanks to the interview that Tim Cook offered yesterday. The interview was recorded on March 27 and in it the CEO of Apple claims that the App Tracking Transparency function is “several weeks” away. By now, a week and a half has passed since that statement.

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The last factor that we must take into account to locate the launch of these new versions of software is the hardware launch. We have been waiting for the AirTags for a long time and we have seen how in the beta of iOS 14.5 the menus of the Search app are prepared for their reception. There are several rumors that place these AirTags as well as the new iPad Pro in April.

In general, Apple expects release new version of software after hardware announcement, to prevent leaks, and at the same time releases such software before the hardware hits the market. Now is a good time to remember that today, April 6, is the date that the supposed sleeve for the third generation iPad Pro begins to be sold at Target stores.

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The truth is that hardware launches could start this week through press releases. Last year Apple presented several products almost continuously, one each day, something that could be repeated this year with the different devices that we expect. The truth is that the list is quite long, although the rumors seem a little undecided about the exact dates. What we are most sure of, always according to information without any confirmation, is the arrival of a new iPad Pro and AirTags. Accompanied, of course, by iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5

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