The Faraway Paladin Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

Japanese television shows are fascinating, funny, and distinctive. What an amazing series The Faraway Paladin is. Fantasy abounds in the anime television series The Faraway Paladin. Yuu Nobita is the director and Tatsuya Takahashi is the writer. The manga and light novel series, which are written by Kanata Yanagino, distributed by Setsuka ni Nar, and drawn by Kususaga Rin and Mutsumi Okuhashi, are the basis for the television show. There are 11 episodes in the anime series overall, plus one special episode.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Renewal Status

The Faraway Paladin has officially been renewed for a second season. On December 25, 2021, the news was made and shared on the show’s official Twitter account as a Christmas present for viewers. The official Twitter account announced “The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Production Decision!” via a tweet. Will’s adventure goes on! Watch this space for updates.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Release Date

The Faraway Paladin book series by Kanata Yanagino, with illustrations by Kususaga Rin, was published in 2015 on the website Shsetsuka ni Nar. In September 2017, Mutsumi Okuhashi released the manga version of The Faraway Paladin, which began airing in serial form on the Gardo website.

Eight tankobon volumes have been collected as of March 2023, and Children’s Playground Entertainment released the anime in October 2021. The Faraway Paladin Season 2 debuted on October 7, 2023.

The Faraway Paladin Storyline

Will is the reincarnation of a guy who died and entered the dead realm. He was brought up by Blood, Mary, and Gus’ foster family. They all impart to him the knowledge he needs to survive. He learned about the Demon Hugh King and the God of the Undead Stagnate after mastering all the tactics and methods. Stagnate arrived there one day to steal the souls of Will’s foster family since they failed to do the assignment that Stagnate had assigned to them. Will begged him to quit all three after accepting that he was a reincarnation from a different realm.

Once again, Stagnate came to claim the souls of the three, taking Blood and Mary’s. With a new name, G. Maryblood, in honor of his adoptive family, Gus sends Will to a new world. When he encountered Menel, he discovered that a community would be attacked by demons.

They jointly defeated the monsters and assisted the townsfolk. To make up for his transgressions, Menel was placed under Will’s spiritual direction. The merchant Tonio and his associate Bee were the next people Will encountered. The prince was also seen by him. Even though he had several friends and allies who might have assisted him in defeating the demon king, he chose to fight his own battle to protect his companions from harm.

The Faraway Paladin Cast and characters

  • William G. Maryblood Voiced by: Maki Kawase(young), Shōya Chiba(adult) (Japanese); Erica Mendez(English)
    William is a human boy reincarnated from our world, who retains his memories while living in the city of the dead.
  • Blood Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi(Japanese); Bill Butts(English)
    Blood is a skeletal warrior, and Will’s foster father as well as his combat instructor.
  • Mary Voiced by: Yui Horie(Japanese); Veronica Taylor(English)
    A mummified priestess and Will’s foster mother.
  • Augustus Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita(Japanese); Kirk Thornton(English)
    Gus is a spectral sorcerer who is Will’s foster grandfather as well as his teacher in sorcery.
  • Meneldor Voiced by: Ayumu Murase(Japanese); Griffin Puatu(English)
    A male half-elf archer that Will meets on the road after leaving home.
  • Gracefeel Voiced by: Aoi Yūki(Japanese); Veronica Taylor(English)
    The goddess to whom Will has devoted himself.
  • Stagnate Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi
    The deity of the Undead whom Blood, Mary, and Gus made a contract to.
  • Tonio Voiced by: Kōji Yusa
    A traveling salesman that Will meets and befriends.
  • Robina Goodfellow Voiced by: Eri Suzuki
    A halfling bard. She tells tales, sings, and in the anime, she plays a three-stringed rebec.
  • Ethelbald Rex Southmark Voiced by: Atsushi Tamaru
    The crown prince of the Southmark kingdom and ruler of the city of Whitesails.
  • Bart Bagley Voiced by: Minoru Inaba
    A bishop who is in charge of the temple in White sails and is a rather rude but caring character.
  • Anna Voiced by: Keiko Watanabe
    A novice priestess at the Whitesails temple, and Bishop Bagley’s adopted daughter.
  • Reystov Voiced by: Kenji Nomura
    An adventurer that Will hires while in Whitesails.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Plot

We may see a dual fight in the next season, along with some upcoming revelations. Just wait for the next special episode, in which a lot will be made clear, in the meantime.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Trailer

Anime fans who have been waiting for the official trailer for season two of “The Faraway Paladin” may now rejoice. The official website and social media networks of the anime. This one-minute clip gives viewers a taste of what the new season has in store. The fresh cast of characters, interesting story twists, and thrilling sequences.

In the trailer, a young man named Will is visited by a strange girl named Mary. The show suggests that Mary’s strong magical powers may play a pivotal role in Will’s quest to become a Paladin. Some first-season characters, such as Marie, Blood, and Gus, make an appearance in the trailer as well. The trailer showcases intense fight sequences and breathtaking animation, which have become famous for the series.

Where to watch The Faraway Paladin?

You may see it on networks like Tokyo MX, Osaka TV, etc. if you reside in Japan. Although the broadcast details have not yet been verified by the franchise, those outside of Japan may watch it via Crunchyroll.

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