The Empress Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Empress Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

We can’t enjoy enough period romantic comedy dramas correct now, from Bridgerton to the soon-to-be-released Lady Chatterley’s Lover, as well as a new show that is filling the hole left by Lady Whistledown. The Empress is a romance show on Netflix that takes place among the nations of Austrian royalty.

The first season came out on Netflix in Sept. and got a lot of attention from fans. People are already looking forward to the second season. The second season of The Empress has been confirmed, which is good news.

To sum up, Season 1 was about Elisabeth, a rebel who falls in love with Emperor Franz out of the blue and enters the strenuous world of a Viennese court. The first show ended with a lot of big questions, as well as we can’t wait to get the answers.

The popular series transported us to 1854 when a rebellious princess married Emperor Franz Joseph and became Empress of Austria. At the Viennese court, she became involved in politics.

The turbulent events (mostly downs) of the young “Sisi” (or “Sissi,” depending on who you ask life)’s in the heart of a Habsburg dynasty has been a popular subject in Austrian as well as German history for a long time.

What do you know? It has been a huge success for the network, as well as in countries where people speak German. After all, lavish period dramas with a royal theme tend to do well for Netflix. Just ask Bridgerton or The Crown.

Just as fall started, bringing with it the irresistible urge to curl up under a blanket and watch an entire season of the TV all at once, Netflix stepped up by releasing The Empress, an addicting new period drama that was made to replace the Bridgerton-shaped pit in your viewing schedule. And now, the show has been picked up for a second season.

The Hollywood Reporter said at the beginning of November that Netflix had reissued The Empress and that both Devrim Lingnau, as well as Philip Froissant, would be back to play their roles.

Given how well the show has done so far, this is not a big surprise. Season one has been in Netflix’s global top 10 non-English TV list for five weeks in a row. It has been the most-watched TV show in 88 countries, such as the UK, Austria, Mexico, and Germany, where the show is set.

The Empress Season 2 Release Date

YES! Netflix said on Twitter that there will be a second season of The Empress. But we don’t yet know when it will come out. Until then, here’s our best guess: based on how Netflix usually works, there will be a year here between two seasons. Using that reasoning, season 2 might come out in the drop of 2023.

The Empress Season 2 Cast

If Netflix agrees to bring the show back, the original cast, including Devrim Lingnau, who got to play the Empress, and Philip Froissart, who got to play her husband, would probably come back (fingers crossed). If The Empire gets a second season, everyone from the first season will likely be back.

Devrim Lingnau will once again play the role of Elisabeth, the Beloved Empress. Melika Foroutan (Tribes of Europa) will probably play the emperor, Phillip Froissant will play Franz Joseph, Elisa Schlott will play Helen, and Johannes Nussbaum will play Archduke Maximilian.

Jordis Triebel plays the part of Princess Ludovika. (As Amalia and Louise) Raymond Tarabay, Hanna Hilsdorf, and Svenja Jung (Ambassador De Bourqueney).

The Empress Season 2 Trailer

We’re afraid not anytime soon. Without filming, there isn’t any footage, of course. But keep coming back to this page, and we’ll let users know as soon as we hear more.

The Empress Season 2 Plot

At the end of A Empress, Elisabeth is locked up inside the palace walls because she broke royal rules (showed kindness) when she gave Helen shoes to a young girl throughout need at the iron foundry.

Elisabeth gives up on the idea that anything will be done to help the poor. She gives into the despair and starts partying with Franz’s brother Maximillian, which hurts her reputation even more.

Archduchess Sophie is fed up with the defiant Empress, so she suggests that Elisabeth go home to Bavaria. Franz agrees, even though he has some harsh words to his wife and people accuse her of getting close to his brother.

But before Franz informs Elisabeth to leave, Helen finds out she is eventually pregnant. The Empress is very sad, but she doesn’t tell her husband the bad news.

By the moment Elisabeth is prepared to depart, a large group of angry people who had been gathering at the palace doors to protest the Emperor has blocked the entire exit. The guards want to turn the carriage around, but Elisabeth wants the gates to be opened.

As Franz, as well as Sophia, look on, the Empress reaches out to the crowd and says, “I see you.” She then tells them she is pregnant. Will the people like what she does? Can she let Franz go? Sophie is pregnant, so what plans does she have for her?

Well, we do know that the Archduchess will keep making Elisabeth’s life miserable inside the palace walls as long as the show stays true to the real story. Ten months after she married the Duke, the Empress had her first child, a girl called Archduchess Sophie of Austria.

At the end of The Empress, Elisabeth is locked up inside the palace gates because she broke royal rules by going to the iron factory as well as giving her shoes to a poor girl (displaying compassion).

Elisabeth gives in to her sadness when she realizes that nothing can be completed to help the poor. She starts drinking and going to parties with Franz’s brother Maximillian, which makes her reputation even worse.

Archduchess Sophie, who has had enough of the stubborn Empress, suggests that Elisabeth go back to Bavaria. Franz agrees, even though he gets into a verbal altercation with his wife as well as accuses the woman of having the affair with his brother.

But right before Franz tells Elisabeth to depart, she uncovers out she’s pregnant. The news breaks the Empress’s heart, but she won’t tell her husband. By the moment Elisabeth is ready to leave, a large group of angry people has gathered just at the palace gates to complain about the Emperor, blocking the way out.

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