The dramatic nightmare suffered by a former Australian surfer in India: "I lost count of the times they raped me"

Carmen Greentree told her shocking story (IG: @iamcarmengreentree)
Carmen Greentree told her shocking story (IG: @iamcarmengreentree)

“For 7 years of my life I was 100% dedicated to becoming a professional surfer. From the time I got up until I went to sleep I was focused on being the world champion of surfing. Nothing mattered to me more than that. ” This is how it was presented Carmen Greentree in front of an audience to relate what was the most traumatic episode that he lived throughout his life.

During that time trained alongside multi-champion Stephanie Gilmore (winner of the ASP World Tour seven times) and competed around the world. However, her dream was frustrated by not being able to enter the Women's World Championship Tour in 2003.

It was back then, with 22 years, when decided to take a gap year to find herself. For this, he traveled to India with the intention of taking a course in the Dalai Lama's chapel in Dharamshala, a city located in the middle of the Himalaya mountains, without even imagining that That 2004 was going to be marked by fire on her but for a totally different reason.

The surfer captured her story in a book (IG: @iamcarmengreentree)
The surfer captured her story in a book (IG: @iamcarmengreentree)

From Sydney to New Dheli. Everything was going as expected until he met Rafiq Ahmad Dundoo, an Indian resident who offered to travel to Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir by plane to make your arrival in Dharamshala less stressful. She had planned to do the tour in 14 hours by bus, the local media detailed. "Opindia".

Finally accepted that help and on May 27, 2004 his ordeal beganWhen this scammer, disguised as a government tour operator, asked him to spend the night on his boat before leaving for his destination, since Kashmir was a dangerous place for women traveling alone. So she agreed to go to her YH Sunbeam houseboat in Dal Lake.

That night ended up transforming into two months of terror. Initially, the Australian tried to defend herself and every time she tried to escape, she received blows from her attacker. "And the one I gave up on was the first time he raped me, but it was that she was tired, she couldn't fight anymore and she knew that she wasn't going to stop, ”she revealed.

"I lost count of the times he raped me. I've blocked it so much that I don't remember most of the attacks anymore, ”Greentree added before the watchful eye of Australian journalists who had attended the presentation of his book: "A Dangerous Pursuit of Happiness" (A dangerous quest for happiness).

"The worst feeling was when I gave up and let him take what he wanted"he assured.

Rafiq Ahmad Dundoo (Dailymail)
Rafiq Ahmad Dundoo (Dailymail)

“It was completely broken, it wasn't even me anymore. It existed as a shell in me ”, explained the former surfer 16 years later. “He was a man with no moral scruples and clearly did not care. He showed me that he intended to hurt me and didn't feel a bit guilty about what he was doing to me. ”

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"At 22 years old they kidnapped me for 2 months, with countless rapes", Greentree summed up, while detailing that in the times he wanted to escape, his rapist warned him that it was a militarized zone and that if they found it, they could shoot him without asking. She also knew that "if he caught me running away, he would do worse to me."

"I thought I would never escape from that boat, that I would die there one way or another".

Completely physically and emotionally tired, she resigned herself to "living" in that place with Dundoo, her two brothers, her parents and his wife with the child. Too they forced her to wear the clothing of a Muslim, to eat with them, to pray five times a day and to help women cook, clean and wash. Even He was given a copy of the Koran translated into English.

16 years later he assures that he was cured (IG: @iamcarmengreentree)
16 years later he assures that he was cured (IG: @iamcarmengreentree)

Fortunately, the kidnapper was going to make a mistake in his macabre action which ended up ruining all his plans. Blinded by greed, he had Greentree call his family members to ask for money, and, after one of her friends worried about not hearing from her, the authorities were able to locate her immediately.

Police arrived at the boat, rescued her and detained Rafiq Ahmad Dundoo, along with his brother Shabir Ahmad Dundoo. However, after spending six months in prison they were released since the former surfer was never able to return to India to testify.

Greentree raised a family and lives in Sydney (IG: @iamcarmengreentree)
Greentree raised a family and lives in Sydney (IG: @iamcarmengreentree)

“I wrote my book to show how I learned and how I was cured. I want people to read it and I hope they can create a good life regardless of what happened, ”reflected Carmen Greentree, already married with three children in South Sydney.

“I am sure there is more, but they will be afraid to take the step. I think many of us have been through our own tragic experiences and sometimes we don't think we can heal, ”he concluded.


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