WhatsApp is testing chat migration between iPhone and Android, according to WABetaInfo

Facebook continues with its project of connecting all its messaging apps in one and we are seeing steps in this regard. According to WABetaInfo one of the main ones is the possibility of using WhatsApp on more than one device at the same time, as well as the ability to migrate chats from one platform to another.

One more step and still a long way from other alternatives

Currently, and since its launch, WhatsApp only works from a single device. It is true that there are web versions of the service, which can then appear to be apps on some platforms, but in the end all these are supported by a single device that was until now, either an iPhone, or an Android mobile, without the possibility of switching between they.

Facebook seems to want to change this, because in the most recent beta of WhatsApp the following screenshot appears accompanied by this text:

When the user tries to link a device that has a different operating system to his WhatsApp account, it is always necessary to update to the latest WhatsApp update available in the App Store or TestFlight, in order to avoid any compatibility error with the version of Android.

Whatsapp Chat Migration Ios Android

We do not have more information about this functionality and even less about its possible arrival date, although we do see Facebook’s interest in facilitating migration between devices. The truth is other services have already enjoyed this functionality for years and they even allow us to import WhatsApp chats if we want to leave Facebook services, something that has been happening since Facebook announced that it will soon share more data than WhatsApp collects. A practice that the GDPR does not make applicable to European citizens, but that does not exempt you from having to accept new terms.

Meanwhile, Facebook continues to work to, as Zuckerberg announced, merge and make all the company’s communication platforms interoperable. An advantage when it comes to being able to talk to other people, but that can also be read as a disadvantage in terms of privacy.

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