the detailed analysis of the keynote and all the news, in Las Charlas de Applesfera

It has certainly been one of the most anticipated events after the three keynotes (one per month) that we live at the end of 2020: Apple presented us yesterday in an hour devices so varied like the arrival of the new redesigned iMac M1s, an iPad Pro with mini-LED display technology, and even the elusive AirTags.

In a very dense event, Tim Cook’s team managed to concentrate information, with a production of cinematic quality and that showed Apple Park greener than ever: very appropriate therefore Cook will begin with a reference to his company’s mission to have zero impact on the planet’s carbon footprint by 2030.

The possibility of subscription in Apple Podcasts is something that has been talked about since the days of iTunes and Steve Jobs

The first two products were an update to the Apple Card and the arrival – finally – of podcast subscriptions, with the aim that content creators can monetize their work: something that has been talked about from the time of Steve Jobs. But the surprises were about to begin.

IMacs are the first major redesign of the M1

The M1s wear long and end ten years with little change in the design: the new iMac M1s inaugurate a new generation

Something that many of us did not expect to see yesterday is the arrival of a new member of the M1 family, and also see it redesigned from top to bottom. Gone are the 10 years with little change in the aesthetics of one of Apple’s best known and most loved products: the iMac M1 arrives. The iPad Pro also want to take advantage of the advantages of this new processor and now we already have a model with mini-LED display technology that incorporates it: the iPad Pro M1.

Of all this, and of the AirTags, the new Apple TV 4K and the detailed analysis of everything announced, we spoke on this week’s podcast, along with the great Julio Cesar Muñoz. Of course, do not expect it to be an hour-long podcast, that we do not have the ability to synthesize Cook and company … and there is much to talk about!

In this new season, the podcast has a weekly periodicity, with which we will be punctual on Wednesday or Thursday mornings to the current event where we will tell you the context of the great news of the week. If you are not already subscribed, you can do so on the following platforms podcast:

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