The Crown Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Crown Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Crown is a royal drama on Netflix that has won a lot of awards. Season 6 will be the last one. The last episodes of The Crown will pick up where season 5 left off, with Princess Diana’s last days and the effects of her death on the family. As in previous seasons, Elizabeth Debicki, Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Dominic West, and Lesley Manville will all be back for season 6. But Prince William or Prince Harry will be played by new actors.

We’ve put together a list of all the important news About Crown season 6 so far to assist you in keeping track of it. We have quotes from the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, as well as confirmations of who will play what role. We’ll also give our best guess for when The Crown season 6 will come out, based on prior releases as well as the fact that the show usually comes out in November. So read on to get your fill of royals.

Open the doors to the palace, because season 6 of The Crown has begun! The fictional drama about the royal family will end with an exciting finale based on Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Prince Charles (now King Charles III), Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and more, and we have all the details.

Season 5 ended just before Princess Diana and her boyfriend-to-be Dodi Al-Fayed went on a busy summer. Queen Elizabeth puts Prince Charles in his place and makes fun of his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles by wagging her finger.

Undoubtedly, there is still a lot of ground to cover. But in season 5 the last season of The Crown? Who will play Diana in season 6 if not? Here’s everything we know about season 6 of The Crown, including its cast, release date, news about episodes, and more.

The Crown, a royal drama on Netflix, is almost over, and it looks like it will go with a bang. Season 6 has already started filming, and it will cover the time after season 5, which was about Prince Charles and Diana’s divorce. It will start with Princess Diana’s death in 1997 and go on to the 21st century.

Imelda Staunton, who played Queen Elizabeth II in season 5, Jonathan Pryce, who played Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Dominic West, who played Charles, Prince of Wales, and Elizabeth Debicki, who played Diana, Princess of Wales, will all be back for the final season.

The Crown is some of the most talked-about shows in the UK. It has gotten reviews that are all over the place, with some people finding it very funny and others finding it outrageous. The Crown became one of the greatest popular British shows and films of all time, though.

The Crown Season 6 Release Date

We don’t have a set date for season 6 of The Crown yet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about the new episodes. After beginning in August 2022, filming is now going on.

Most of the time, there is only one year between seasons that are grouped. For example, seasons 1 & 2 premiered in 2016 rather than 2017, but rather seasons 3 & 4 premiered in 2019 or 2020. Since season 5 came out in 2022, it could mean the last episodes will come out in 2023.

Every season except the second has come out in November, so it’s likely that season 6 of The Crown will do the same. This means that November 2023 is the most likely time for new episodes.

The Crown Season 6 Cast

Most of the cast of Crown season 5 will be back for the last season. This means that Imelda Staunton would be away as Queen Elizabeth II, Jonathan Pryce will be back as her husband Prince Philip, but rather Lesley Manville will be back as her sister Princess Margaret. The characters of The Queen Mother, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew will be played by Marcia Warren, Claudia Harrison, Sam Woolf, and James Murray.

Elizabeth Debicki will also be back as Princess Diana. At the end of season 4, she took over for Emma Corrin. Prince Charles or Camilla Parker Bowles, played by Dominic West & Olivia Williams, will also be back.

Since Tony Blair is now the Prime Minister on the show, it’s doubtful that Jonny Lee Miller could well come back as John Major. In the season 5 finale, Cherie Blair, played by Lydia Leonard, and her husband Bertie Carvel, played by Bertie Carvel, were introduced as the new PM and his wife. Blair was Prime Minister until 2007, so it’s likely he’ll have a big part to play in the last season.

There will also be some new people on the show. Prince William and Kate Middleton were chosen after a long process. Rufus Kampa will play the future king after Diana dies, but Ed McVey will play him when he is a young adult.

Once she meets the Prince there at the University of St. Andrews, Meg Bellamy will perform Middleton. Will Powell will play a tiny part of Prince Harry, but no one else has been cast for him yet. All of these people have never been to a movie before.

Morgan, who made them, said that their first appearance was “exciting” to see. “In season 6, the arrival of William, Kate, and Harry merely blows the doors off,” he told The Crown podcast. “You just want to see them.”

“It happened during the read-through. As we read, you could see that everyone was looking up and across the room at each other. Every time William spoke, I thought, “Oh my God, this is so interesting.”

The Crown Season 6 Plot

The last weather of The Crown will likely take place in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Morgan said that the exhibition will never occur in the present and will finish in 2000.

Season 5 finished in 1997, after showing the election of Tony Blair and how close Diana was to Dodi Fayed. Based on pictures of Debicki filming on the yacht in the Mediterranean, whether six is likely to begin right away the with Princess of Wales’s last weeks (source: Daily Mail).

Diana and Dodi died in a car crash throughout Paris on August 31, 1997, as did the driver, Henri Paul. They had been on vacation together. The deadline says that the show won’t show the crash itself. Instead, it will show what happened before and after the crash. Fans of the movie The Queen, which had been written by Peter Morgan, who also wrote The Crown, will know that this was a rough time again for Royal Family as those who dealt with the public’s grief over Diana’s death.

Since Prince William and Kate Middleton have been cast, we as well know that the show will focus on the future king’s time at university, where he met Middleton for the first time in 2001. The show will almost certainly look at how Prince William but also Prince Harry dealt with their grief after their mother died.

Other important events for the Royal Family around this time include the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 and the deaths of Princess Margaret or the Queen Mother in February and March of the same year. The Sun says that the series could go all the way up to Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding in 2005, but Netflix hasn’t confirmed this yet.

Season 5 of The Crown ended right before Princess Diana but also Dodi Fayed was reunited for the first time, so we now know that season 6 will start in the summer of 1997. The remainder of the season will stick to the show’s pattern of showing about a decade in the life of the Royal Family, including William and Kate’s first meeting and Tony Blair’s (Bertie Carveltime )’s as Prime Minister.

It’s also likely that the show will talk about the lives lost of Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother also happened within a few months of each other in 2002, the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee.

Behind-the-scenes photos have shown that the sixth season will have at least one major flashback. Viola Prettejohn and Beau Gadsdon were seen leaving Buckingham Palace arm-in-arm while filming a scene where they played Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret on V-E Day. The memory may come up when the season talks about Princess Margaret’s death.

Morgan has said that the exhibition will not go on into the present day and that the relationship between Prince Harry, as well as Meghan Markle, will not be shown. In a meeting with Hollywood Reporter, the show’s creator also said he follows a “20-year rule,” which means that he prefers to talk about things that happened 20 years ago.

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