The Correct Way to Iron Hair

The Correct Way to Iron Hair

If you want to make your hair smooth and beautiful, the first thing is to choose a good iron for your hair. If you are not familiar with it, just go on reading this article about the recommended irons for different types of hairstyles!

What kind of Iron do I need?

Here are some tips that I want to share with you. Before buying an iron, you should know what your hair needs and how you want to look like.

For middle-length hair:

the best choice is a curling wand! If you use the lowest temperature, your hair will be very beautiful! It’s simple to make different shapes with a curling wand.

For thick hair:

the best choice is a ceramic iron because it will not be so hot and so you do not have to worry about making your hair burned! I also recommend a curling wand, but if you choose one with a higher temperature, please be very careful when using it.

For curly or frizzy hair:

I think a ceramic iron is the best choice because it will make your hair smooth and beautiful after using it.

For sensitive skin:

you should choose a kind of ceramic or tourmaline irons, but if you have long hair, please be careful when straightening with these kinds of irons! If this is not a problem for you, then I recommend you use a curling wand!

 For oily hair:

your best choice is to choose an ionic iron because the effect of smoothing and straightening out will be better than that of other kinds.

For normal or dry hair:

it’s simple, just choose what you want! If you don’t like to use irons, you can choose a hairdryer.

For long hair:

the best choice is a kind of straightening irons, they are very beautiful and can make your hair smooth after using it. But please be careful when taking too long on one part of the hair because this will make your hair burned out easily! There are many kinds of hot irons, so you can choose what you want!

For short hair:

the best choice is a kind of curling wand. You will be able to make different shapes and it’s very easy to use. If there’s no problem, I recommend you to use an ionic iron, because the effect of smoothing and straightening out will be better if you choose this kind of iron.

How to straighten hair naturally permanently with no heat:

straight hair is a sign of beauty and healthy hair. everyone wants to have such hair naturally but not all get that kind of hair genetically. Usually, you can find your hair naturally straight or wavy based on their genes and this is why we see girls with natural waves while some choose to go for the curls look.

No matter how much you love to have that curly hair, you can also change your look with heat as now straightening is done at home with the use of flat irons. Now those who want to go back and do it the natural way but cannot straighten their hair, we can help you out by giving some useful tips on how to get natural straight hair immediately.

Important Tips:

Preparation: Unless done properly, you can damage your hair and change its texture and color as well. You must prepare before the straightening process starts with a good shampoo to remove all the impurities from your scalp and hair follicles. Do it right:

Before you start straightening, make sure that your hair is clean and it does not have any kind of dirt or oil. For this reason, we would recommend you to go for a good shampoo with an excellent moisturizing shampoo to get rid of all the impurities from the scalp. In addition to this, conditioning your hair also helps in removing all the dirt from the body It does matter:

In the process of straightening your hair, make sure that you use a good heat protector for protecting it from the damage of heat. On top of that, using a thermal spray or a serum is necessary while going for straightening to protect your hair from any kind of heat damage. Detangling:

One more important tip on how to get natural straight hair is to detangle your hair properly before you start straightening. For this, go for a wide-tooth comb and try to remove all the knots from the roots of your hair.

The more you untangle it; the better will be your end result. Divide into sections: Now that you are done with the preparation, it’s time to start with the actual process.

But in order to get better results, we would recommend you to divide your hair into different sections and start straightening one section at a time so that you can see how it goes. You don’t want patchy or uneven results when done this way. Use good tools: There are several tools available in the market which you can use for straightening your hair.

For beginners, it is better to go for a flat iron with temperature settings. This allows you to control the heat factor and make sure that you don’t damage your hair. No matter if you are professional or beginner, now they all can get gorgeous straight hair at home with no fuss by using this technique.

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