Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water?

Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water?

1. Weight Loss:

Drinking enough water regularly will help your body get rid of the excess water weight, making you leaner and more attractive.

2. Fatigue/stress relief:

It’s common knowledge that great sleep is the best cure for fatigue caused by stress, but did you know that lack of proper hydration can lead to fatigue? Waterworks like a natural antidepressant and keeps your mood balanced while flushing out toxins from the body. So drink up!

3. Digestion:

Cravings are often caused by nausea or indigestion, which means water will fix them right up! Just make sure that the food you’re eating is healthy (which should be because you’re reading this article) and drink water regularly.

4. Brain function:

The brain is 75% water, so you need to give it plenty of water to stay sharp and focused. That’s why it’s recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of pure water daily.

5. Weight training/sports performance:

Your blood flow increases by 30% when you’re hydrated, ensuring that nutrients are delivered to muscles fast for faster muscle repair and growth after an intense workout session or game. This also helps prevent injuries during exercise sessions since muscles contract faster with enough hydration. Hydration before exercise can improve endurance by up to 20%, which makes drinking water the perfect energy booster before working out!

6. Convenience/time saving:

One glass of water every hour of the workday, and you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ve saved!

7. Healthier skin:

Drinking enough water increases blood circulation, allowing nutrients to get deposited into the skin cells, plumping up your skin and making it more elastic and wrinkle-free. A good pair of sunglasses will also help protect your eyes from wrinkles caused by excessive exposure to harsh UV rays. Tip: Drink plenty of water in the morning to wake up with a refreshed face that looks years younger than your actual age!

8. Post-workout recovery:

Those who train hard in the gym need their protein intake for muscle repair but don’t forget about hydration! Muscle tears are common during intense weight training or sports sessions because there aren’t enough water and electrolytes for optimum muscle contraction and oxygen flow. Drinking plenty of water during and after workouts will ensure that your muscles repair quickly and you recover faster so you can get back to the gym more often!

9. Fewer bathroom visits:

Did you know that it flushes out nutrients from your body each time you go to the toilet? Lots of annoying trips to the lavatory aren’t suitable for your energy level (not to mention not very convenient when on a date).

Chugging lots of water during meals is supposed to help with digestion. Still, believe food isn’t adequately chewed up. In that case, it can cause severe indigestion, which increases bathroom visits—on average, drinking two glasses (500ml) of pure water before meals can reduce bathroom visits by more than 30%! Yup, it’s the best natural diuretic out there.

10. Aids in preventing sickness:

Water cleanses toxins from your body and prevents infection-causing bacteria from multiplying too quickly. Your immune system slows down without sufficient water, making you more susceptible to colds and other infections.

Staying hydrated will help keep your nose moist, which will stop all those nasty germs from entering the respiratory tract. Drinking enough water also helps flush out harmful chemicals that impact brain function daily (e.g., stress hormones).

11. Weight loss:

We’ve already mentioned how drinking two glasses of pure water before meals can help digestion, but did you know it can also aid weight loss? Water increases the speed of digestion, preventing you from being bloated and uncomfortable. It can also suppress your appetite by making you feel more full, so you eat less at meals. In one study, those who drank two glasses of water 30 minutes before each meal lost 44% more weight than those who didn’t drink any!

12. Acne:

Acne is caused mainly by hormone imbalances, which cause skin pores to become clogged up with dead cells and bacteria/germs. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps remove these toxins from circulation and speeds up healing damaged skin. This will make acne disappear a lot faster!

Tip: Drink sufficient water when heat increases blood flow to the skin during the summertime. This can cause acne-like rashes to show up on the body, so drink more water than usual!

13. Fewer mood swings:

You’ve probably experienced a mood swing or two in your lifetime, especially during PMS when you’re feeling extra emotional. Drinking enough water can help balance hormone levels by flushing out excess stress hormones for men and estrogen in women.

That’s why I recommend all my female clients to drink two glasses before their period starts, so they don’t feel any emotions at all! Tip: Drink one glass every half hour after waking up because it takes about an hour for your body to absorb fluids instead of the popular myth that you should wake up and start drinking right away; otherwise, you’ll get a headache.

14. Healthy, stronger hair and nails:

Drinking enough water can prevent your hair and nails from becoming brittle and weak because it prevents mineral loss. Without minerals, hair is just protein, so you need to hydrate correctly if you want healthy locks! Tip: If you’ve been eating lots of processed foods, or haven’t been getting enough vitamins and minerals due to busy schedules, consider adding some greens to your diet as they contain more than 70% H2O!

15. A glowing complexion:

Drinking two glasses of pure water daily will keep skin looking fresh and vibrant because dry skin cells don’t look very healthy at all. Water keeps the outer layer of skin plumped up, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance.

16. No cellulite:

Drinking enough water can prevent your body from retaining liquids, making your skin look much smoother and tighter because it prevents those nasty stretch marks from showing up and cellulite.

17. Flatter tummy:

The only way to get rid of the fat around your stomach is to burn fat 24/7, which means eating as clean as possible for life! Drinking lots of water throughout the day speeds up digestion, making it easier for the body to break down food, so you burn through calories much faster! It also increases metabolic rate by between 3-10%, keeping you leaner without having to exercise too much or eat less food! Tip: You want a flat stomach? Make drinking water your biggest goal in life!

18. Stronger, healthier kidneys:

The most important thing to remember about drinking enough water is that it can prevent kidney failure by avoiding the deterioration of kidney function. Our kidneys need at least 48 fl oz (1.5 liters) of fluid every day to stay hydrated and healthy, so make sure you drink more than enough every single day… Tip: If you feel like your kidneys are weak or you’re urinating too often, check out my post on How To Prevent Kidney Stones with Natural Remedies.

19. No bloating around the tummy area:

Bloating can be caused by many things, but one of them is excessive sodium. Drinking water will flush sodium levels down the toilet, which means you won’t retain as much fluid as usual, so your skin is less puffy, and you look leaner even if you don’t lose weight.

20. Clear up acne:

Acne isn’t caused by dirt or excess sweat, but it’s clogged pores and dirty bacteria that cause those nasty breakouts. Drinking enough water will thin out and remove extra sebum (skin oil) produced around pimples, washing away all of those dead cells and bacteria to make sure your pores remain clear!

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