The Consultant Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Consultant Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

During a pandemic, people shouldn’t have to worry about being confronted with a crazy boss. But in the latest series from Prime Video, The Consultant, items are much worse.

After the CEO of a gaming company is killed, a business consultant shows up with a plan to fix the professional image in the eyes of the public. Instead of taking it easy at first, the new boss makes everyone question everything they know about how to be successful at work.

Predicated on Bentley Little’s finest novel, this darkly comedic horror film series stars Christoph Waltz as the cruel and deceitful consultant whose job it is to make the game industry great again.

2023 is the decade for streaming platforms because whereas many people are focused on going to a movie to see movies such as Oppenheimer or Barbie, others simply want to relax and unwind for the majority of their viewing.

This trend started during the pandemic, but it has stuck around even after that. It has led to a lot of movies and shows on streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Apple TV. Today, though, we’re here to speak about Consultant, an upcoming darkly funny workplace thriller.

We’re going to talk about the new series, but first, you should know that The Consultant has been based on a novel by Bentley Little. If you haven’t heard of Bentley Little, you should read some of his books, like The Handyman, The Haunted, The Mailman, and of course, The Consultant.

Bentley Little does have a unique way of telling stories, and we hope that style makes it to the big screen. The Consultant is a real gem, and it would make a great series.

Tony Basgallop, a British TV writer who is most well-known for his work on Servant, Inside Men, To the Bitter end, and What Remains, will start writing The Consultant.

The Consultant is a new dark comedy/workplace thriller TV show that will start airing soon. It was made by Tony Basgallop again for the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. In addition, the series is based on Bentley Little’s book of the same name.

The Consultant Release Date

The Consultant will start streaming on Prime Video on February 24, 2023, everywhere the service is available. On February 24, all eight occurrences of A Consultant will be out, so people can watch them all at once if they want to.

The Consultant Cast

Christoph Waltz, who has won two Oscars, will play a bad guy again in The Consultant. After getting praise for his roles in Inglorious Basterds as well as Django Unchained, the Austrian-German actor would then play Regus Patoff, the malignant narcissist consultant who shows up at CompWare one day.

Nat Wolff (Paper Towns) as well as Brittany O’Grady (The White Lotus), who play CompWare employees Craig as well as Elaine, appear with Waltz. Aimee Carrero (The Menu), Sloane Avery (Purity Falls), Sydney Mae Diaz (Ghostbusters: Afterlife), Michael Charles Vaccaro (The Bike Squad), and others are also in the cast.

In an interview with ABC, Wolff said that the show is “really wild, it’s unsettling, and it makes you feel something.”

He also started talking about how when he read the script again For Consultant, he was immediately interested in the project “When I looked at the script, I loved the tone, and at the finish of the pilot, there was a twist that made me scream in my apartment.

I thought, “I need to be on this show.” I went after it like a mad dog, and then when I received the part, I couldn’t think of it. I felt extremely fortunate.

The Consultant Trailer

The full trailer for The Consultant has been put up on Prime Video. It shows a very creepy Christoph Waltz (why does he smell everyone?) and lots of juicy tidbits about how strange this new show could get. Check it out along with the teaser trailer that was already out.

The Consultant Plot

In Amazon Studio’s initial statement again For Consultant, they describe this same show as “a perverted, comedic-thriller series that examines the sinister connection between boss and employee.” The official summary of the show is as follows:

“When Android gaming company CompWare hires a fresh consultant, Regus Patoff, to help improve business, the employees face new demands and difficulties that put everything, even their lives, into question.”

As was already said, the series is about a consultant who was hired to help a mobile game studio stay successful. Since the former CEO just died, the new leader doesn’t try to keep the office in a good mood. Instead, he is very clear about what he wants.

His strict way of doing things makes it hard for employees to adapt to the shifts in their work, and the way he gets into their personal space scares them. The more they watch him, the more interested they become in learning more about one‘s new boss.

As they look deeper into the web and notice many out-of-the-ordinary things happening around them, the employees quickly conclude that their boss may be lying about who he is, and that is the best-case scenario.

Right now, everyone is talking about gaming companies, and everything is going well until the CEO of CompWare dies under mysterious circumstances. Regus Patoff was supposed to be a simple consultant at first, but then as his numbers grow, so do the strange things that happen around him.

From the start, Regus has a different, dark energy that no one else can seem to get rid of, especially when john starts firing individuals because he doesn’t like the way they smell.

As time goes on, the employees are getting more and more worried. Soon, they realize that heading against Regus could cost them not only their job but also their life.

Even though he is not a ghost or a demon, there is something scary about him that nobody is ready for. The actor who plays Regus Patoff is more interesting, and we’ll talk about him next, and as such make sure to stay around!

The plot of the sequence is still not clear at this point. But, as we’ve already said, the drama is based on Bentley Little’s 2015 novel of the same name. The characters as well as the story in this exciting new series develop in new and surprising ways.

The Consultant is indeed a twisted comedy-thriller show that looks at how bosses and employees can work together in a bad way.

Also, people who have read the book might already know how the story goes. Moreover, according to the reports, a of the sequence reads, “Mr. Patoff, a bow-tie-wearing advisor comes to the rescue of CompWare after one prominent merged entity falls thru and seemingly starts managing the company.”

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