The ‘classic’ 27-inch iMac continues to be sold alongside the new 24-inch model

Apple already has its website for orders for the new iMac by the time reservations open on April 30, and of course its spectacular new design has taken all our attention. But pay attention to detail: the 27-inch model with the previous design continues to be sold.

You can check it yourself from the official website: having an iMac with an Intel chip is still possible, from a price of 1,999 euros. For those who need to have a Boot Camp partition with Windows it is a good deal, although it must be clear that Intel chips will stop having support before the models with an M1 chip.

The educational iMac model, last vestige of the 21.5-inch model

Shipments of these iMac models are delivered in as little as two days, so there should be enough models in stock. Will also a good way to empty these warehouses as iMac M1s ship.

Another classic iMac model for sale is the educational, 21.5 inches and without a retina screen for 1,249 euros. It is rather intended for schools, although now any client has access to it as a cheaper alternative.

The iPad Pro graduates: the new model arrives with Apple's M1 chip, up to 16 GB of RAM and MiniLED screen with 1,000 nits

I would not be surprised if these alternative sales are ending sooner rather than later: now the priority will be Apple Silicon and perhaps a larger screen model of iMac will end up making those “old” 27-inch models disappear. A matter of waiting for the reaction of the first customers.

Update to April 21 at 11:45: Another change Apple has made is to lower the price of the nano-textured glass option on the 27-inch iMac, baj√°ndolo from 500 to 300 dollars in the United States already 345 euros in Spain.

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