The Changeling Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Changeling Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Changeling is a forthcoming horror-fantasy television series that will be directed by Melina Matsoukas and based on the Victor LaValle book of the same name.

Megan Ellison, Sue Naegle, Patrick Chu, Ali Krug, Melina Matsoukas, Lakeith Stanfield, and Kelly Marcel are the show’s executive producers.

Lakeith Stanfield, Adina Porter, Clark Backo, Samuel T. Herring, and other well-known and accomplished actors are among the stars of The Changeling.

Annapurna Pictures purchased the novel’s rights five years in the past, and the show’s confirmation came last year.

The plot and script were written by Kelly Marcel, who also served as the showrunner. The episodes were subsequently given to Melina Matsoukas to direct.

The programme began filming in New Jersey in May of this year, and it is anticipated that it will wrap up soon.

Various additional locales, including Hoboken, Toronto, London, and more, have been used to film the programme.

You should keep an eye out for one of the newest projects presently being developed on Apple TV, named “The Changeling,” if the concept of a horror-infused “fairy tale for adults” seems in the least bit appealing to you.

According to a press statement from Apple, the next streaming service project will be inspired by the American novelist Victor LaValle’s 2017 book of the same name. Kelly Marcel, a British screenwriter, will adapt the book for television.

For Disney, Marcel, who has additionally written and performed as an actor, most recently wrote the “Cruella” movie with Emma Stone.

Besides “Cruella,” Marcel also co-authored 2018’s “Venom” and penned its 2021 sequel, “Venom: Let Here Be Carnage,” as well as the immensely successful “Fifty Shades of Grey” in 2015.

Melina Matsoukas, whose made her feature directing debut with 2019’s “Queen & Slim,” will helm “The Changeling.”

Before then, she had established a reputation for herself as a music video director, most notably for Beyoncé’s “Formation” in 2016 as well as television episodes for well-known series including “Master of None” as well as “Insecure.”

The Changeling Release Date

The Changeling is one of several programmes now under development, which number in the hundreds.

We may conclude that the producers did a fantastic job by keeping the show’s premise and release date a secret.

The Changeling is now being recorded in many locations, and if rumours are to be believed, the programme should launch on Apple TV before the end of this year. Well, we possess to wait for the manufacturers to confirm.

The Changeling Cast

Since the programme is still under production, the creators have not yet made many details public.

But for the new episode, Lakeith Stanfield will play Apollo, Clark Backo will play Emmy, Adina Porter will play Lillian, Samuel T. Herring will play Patrice Green, Amirah Vann will play Kim Valentine, Alexis Louder will play Lillian Kagwa, and Jared Abrahamson will play Brian West.

The Changeling Trailer

The Changeling Plot

In a press release from a few months back, Apple TV+ made a few allusions to the plot of the programme. According to the streaming service, it is a tale of horror with New York City as the setting.

Though Apple’s explanations are insufficient to fully grasp what would transpire, we may assume that the novel’s content would be verbatim adapted for the new programme.

The protagonist of the story, Apollo Kagwa, always a parent and a book seller who is always there for his son and never leaves him.

However, things become worse when Emma, Apollo’s wife, begins exhibiting symptoms of postpartum depression and finally does a horrible crime that no parent should ever do.

When she vanishes, Apollo sets out to locate his son and wife. He approaches an island on the East River of New York City, then passes through a cemetery and a woodland home to legendary immigrants.

The only aspect of this programme that sets it apart from others is how it combines fantasy with horror. The new series is anticipated to draw a sizable number of viewers since it is an adaption of a book that many people have read.

As the author of several popular films, including Fifty Shades of Grey, Venom, Cruella, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and others, Kelly Marcel is well-known. Therefore, it is certain that Marcel will compose a captivating script for every Apple TV viewer.

Since they have brought a variety of strange monsters and circumstances to the small screen throughout the years, horror fantasy programmes have been successful on television on OTT platforms.

It is still up to the air whether the producers will make a horror show that is suitable for families or one with a lot of language and violence that might appeal to a certain audience group.

“The Changeling is a story for grown-ups,” Apple TV+ summed up the forthcoming series in their press release.

A terrifying tale, a parable about parenting, and a risky journey through a New York City you never knew existed.

However, there is a lot more information accessible about the original text, Victor LaValle’s book of the same name, than Apple’s vague and uninspiring notion.

The novel “The Changeling” is based on the life of antique book merchant and new father Apollo Kagwa, who is determined to provide for his kid in every manner that his own dad, whom abandoned him, did not.

Emma, Apollo’s wife, however, starts to show symptoms of postpartum depression as a result of her inability to bond with their kid.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that Emma’s condition is far worse than postpartum, leading her to execute “a horrific act beyond every parent’s comprehension and vanish, seemingly into thin air.”

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