The Bureau of Magical Things Season 3 Release Date: Did The Show Get Renewed Or Not?

One of Australia’s most-watched drama programs is The Bureau of Magical Things. Both Jonathan M. Shiff and Mark Shirrefs contributed to its conception and development. Jonathan M. Shiff, Julia Adams, Nicole Keeb, Arne Lohmann, Cherrie Bottger, and Drew Jarvis serve as executive producers. The show is a production of Jonathan M. Shiff Productions.

Twenty episodes made up the first season of The Bureau of Magical Things, which premiered on July 8, 2018, and concluded on November 2, 2018. Producers renewed it for a second season after hearing rave reviews from viewers and reviewers alike; the second run began on July 10, 2021, and ended on August 8, 2021, with the same number of episodes as the first. The Bureau of Magical Things viewers are hungry for more information and can’t wait for season three. We know you’re eager to learn more about Season 3 of The Bureau of Magical Things, so here you go.

The Bureau of Magical Things Season 3 Release Date

There have been no confirmed announcements regarding a premiere date for Season 3 of The Bureau of Magical Things. Since the second season of The Bureau of Magical Things concluded on August 20, 2021, there has been no official word on whether or not there will be a third season. The show was announced on July 17, 2017, and scenes were shot in several locations in Queensland (including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Arundel). Production on the first season didn’t wrap up until December 2017, but the debut took place on July 8—nearly a full year after the first season had been announced.

The second season premiered on Netflix on November 27, 2019, and it was filmed in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, from December 2019 until July 2020. Released on July 10, 2021, the production had delays due to the pandemic. After about a year and a half since the declaration. It’s safe to anticipate that even if the series is confirmed now, it will require at least a year to finish filming and air.

The third season of The Bureau of Magical Things is slated to premiere sometime in July 2023, though this date could be pushed out to July 2024 if production issues arise if the show isn’t immediately greenlit. Twenty episodes were spread between the first two seasons. If there is indeed going to be a third season, then it will consist of the same number of episodes as the second.

The Bureau of Magical Things Storyline

Once upon a time, human and magical societies lived side by side without conflict. The magical world, however, was left behind as technology progressed. The number of supernatural beings, such as fairies, is rapidly declining. Someone is out to rectify that and restore magic’s rightful place in the human world. Kyra, the heroine, is an ordinary teenager who, upon touching a magical book, is transformed into a Tri-ling (a hybrid of human, fairy, and elf).

She develops formidable magical abilities and learns of a hidden magical realm all around her. She must now work to unite humans, elves, and fairies against the impending threat. Together with Darra, she must determine who the stranger is as well as how they might contact them. The new adventure begins as they investigate and learn things about the magical and human worlds that no one could have known.

The Bureau of Magical Things Cast and characters

  • Kimie Tsukakoshi as Kyra, a teenage girl whose life is changed after an encounter with a magic book is thought to have transformed her into a “triling”: part human, part fairy and part elf.
  • Elizabeth Cullen as Imogen, an elf training to become a member of the Department of Magical Intervention (DMI).
  • Mia Milnes as Lily, a fairy training to become a member of the DMI. She is friendly, with a bubbly personality, and quickly warms to Kyra.
  • Julian Cullen as Darra, Imogen’s brother, an elf training to become a member of the DMI.
  • Rainbow Wedell as Ruksy, a fairy training to become a member of the DMI. Like Lily, she is friendly, but she is also much more serious.
  • Jamie Carter as Peter, Kyra’s friend. He loves comics and is very suspicious of the magical phenomena that occur around him.
  • Christopher Sommers as Professor Maxwell, a bookstore owner and teacher of magic for the DMI.
  • Arnijka Larcombe-Weate as Mathilda, Kyra’s best friend and fellow basketball player who doesn’t know of Kyra’s magical powers.
  • Steve Nation as Steve, Kyra’s stepfather and a local police officer who is also unaware of Kyra’s powers.
  • Melanie Zanetti as Orla, an elf who’s one of the DMI’s top agents and Imogen’s idol who poses as a reporter.
  • Nicholas Bell as Sean, Lily’s father and the Director of Magic.
  • Miah Madden as Tayla, a mysterious fairy who is a new student at River City High School and works at the Gangway café.
  • Matthew Manahan as Ben, a musician whom Lily has a crush on.
  • Tasneem Roc as Dr Apinya Surinat, an old associate of Professor Maxwell’s who takes his place when he is forced to step aside.

The Bureau of Magical Things Season 3 Plotline

There is no confirmed screenplay for Season 3 of The Bureau of Magical Things at this time. As Season 2 left off on a cliffhanger, fans have been left wondering what will happen in Season 3. To discover the threats still lurking in the magical world, Kyra will likely meet new supernatural friends and set off on an adventure with them and her old companions.

To spice up the plot, it’s possible that some new characters, both friends and foes, will be introduced. The next season should showcase her talents and magic more extensively. We anticipate a considerable improvement in visual quality as a result of technological development. Nothing can be said for sure, but here’s hoping the upcoming season is even greater than the last two.

The Bureau of Magical Things Season 3 Trailer

Due to uncertainty regarding the renewal of The Bureau of Magical Things for a third season, there is currently no promotional video available. If Season 1 of The Bureau of Magical Things doesn’t get renewed, at least we have the Season 2 trailer to look forward to.

The Bureau of Magical Things Season 2 Rating

The show has a high rating on IMDb right now, which bodes well for season three. IMDb users rated the show highly (6.8 out of 10). Significant reactions from fans were heard after the first two seasons. Because of the enhanced aesthetics and graphics made possible by the new technology, it is expected that the ratings would rise once the new season is released.

Where to watch The Bureau of Magical Things?

Eleven broadcast the first season, while 10 Shake premiered the second. Netflix, however, now has it in its library.

Is The Bureau of Magical Things worth watching?

Yes! The show is definitely worth checking out. The magical elements and interesting plot of the program contributed greatly to its widespread success. Fans went crazy for the premiere, and many petitions were started when the show failed to pick up momentum. If you’re looking for something with a touch of mystery and imagination, go no further. Seasons 1 and 2 of The Bureau of Magical Things are available on Netflix with a membership.

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