Siena College President Ed Coughlin has died

Siena College President Ed Coughlin has died

On early Tuesday, Siena College President Brother died at the age of 71. The reason for the Death of Ed is Heath Stroke. Last Week he suffers for the heavy stroke while surgery. Then Sudden Heart Stroke is made the reason for the Ed Coughlin Death. After Death, Doctor Report Says that “Heart Surgery is a Non-Emergency.”

Br. F. Edward Coughlin, Siena College
Br. F. Edward Coughlin, Siena College

He is admitted in the UR’s Medicine Strong Memorial Hospital, which is located in Rochester. Where he suffered from the Catastrophic Stroke. When he admitted at last week, Surgery is undergoing and Doctors are preparing for Congenital Heart Defect.

Siena College felt the heavy loss after the death of the Ed Coughlin. Because he is the Siena College Interim President. This post he got in 2014 at Siena College. His Contract is about to complete in 2020. Recently, Before a month he is anounced that He is planning to step down as a presindent  post. Ed is Known as the Siena’s Campus.

In June, Ed Coughlin is on Medical leave due to heart issues, At that time Margaret E. Madden is the Vice President of the Siena. She is looking out for academic affairs and then while Ed is going for medical leave at that time Siena’s Staff and Trustee has decided to give acting President Role to Margaret in Absent of Ed. And they declare a Margarete as an Interim President of the Siena. Search for President of Siena is continuing still whey did not get the right position for the post of President.

Acting Presiden Margarete Said that “His influence on Siena was profound. He was one of the kindest and most trustworthy people I have ever worked with. I feel fortunate that he was part of my professional and personal life, and I shall always cherish his mentorship, insight and good humor. Brother Ed led Siena with grace and humility, and he will be deeply missed by our faculty, students and staff.”

What did Ed do For College and Student? 

From 2014 to till now, Ed serves the Siena’s President Role and he plays his role very well. He is in favor of Holistic Education. So he is compatible with the student by Humility and Humar. He has started the prayer service last week and he drew more than 250 Students,  Staff and Faculty Members.

Funeral Dates of Ed

St. Bonaventure University, Host the Ed’s Funeral and Interment. And Siena will host a memorial celebration in September when students are coming back for the new academic year.

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