The Boys, let’s discover the epic Soundtrack of the series together

In recent days, the second season of The Boys has landed on Netflix revealing the choice of one to the public carefully curated soundtrack for each episode, able to express any twists, the mood of the various characters and giving great thematic and emotional depth to the events of the show.

For example, we know from the first season that Hughie has a great predilection for Billy Joel’s music and very often his songs have been the soundtrack to his stories. In this second season The Boys, we continue along the same lines, using the great expressive power of the songs for some of the character’s most salient moments.

For example “Pressure” by Billy Joel plays in the background as Hughie and Starlight are preparing for their secret meeting, thus showcasing the incredible pressure both sides are under. Several times it is then repeated in the background “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” always by Billy Joel that according to a behind the scenes of Amazon Prime would be Hughie’s favorite song.

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In the first episode, the Rolling Stones, with “Sympathy for the Devil” were chosen for the scene where Black Noir kills the new super terrorist Naqib. This is clearly a decision loaded with religious symbolism and full of meaning for a scene of very high tension.

Invece i Talking Heads con “Psycho Killer” play while Hughie decides to follow Butcher in the van, symbolizing precisely that despite having recognized him as a leader, he is still a sort of psychopathic killer. Joe Cocker with “You Are so Beautiful” instead they are the soundtrack chosen for the character of Abyss, the disgraced hero, perpetually out of place far from the water.

Many others will surely be the exceptional songs that we will be able to hear during the next episodes of the series that have not yet been released. Meanwhile, if you are curious, take a look at our review of the first 3 episodes of The Boys 2.


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