The Boys, Eric Kripke unveils the title of the premiere of the third season!

The second season of The Boys has just ended and the fans are still bringing the Seven and all the other protagonists of the show in triumph: the new episodes of the Amazon series were a real event and the reception was, if possible, even better than that reserved for the first season.

It is known, however: the iron must be wrought while it is hot, so the production immediately got back to work on the third season of the show. To tell us was the showrunner Eric Kripke, who in recent days has revealed the date for which the start of filming of the third season of The Boys is expected.

Kripke, however, is one who likes to play with his fans: the showrunner therefore immediately reappeared on social media, placing the script of the first of the new episodes by The Boys, in order to increase a hype that already reaches stellar levels.

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Filming for the third season will begin in early 2021. You’re not fucking ready“writes Kripke in the post that reveals the title of the premiere of the new season of the series: it will be called Payback, therefore, the episode 3×01 of The Boys.

Just Eric Kripke recently assured that the third season of The Boys will be even more insane; Meanwhile, let’s see what questions the third season of The Boys will have to answer.


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