The Big Bang Theory, Kunal Nayyar comments on the ending: “Perfect for Raj”

From the very first episodes, the four brilliant nerds protagonists of The Big Bang Theory they are uncomfortable in relationships with the opposite sex, but their evolution over the seasons leads them to conquer the woman of life. The only one who is still single at the end of the series is Raj, the most romantic, who most of all dreams of true love.

Several fans remained disappointed for his mocking fate, but the actor who played him for 12 seasons, Kunal Nayyar, defends the ending decided by the authors. “I find it quite touching that the only character who believes so much in true love is the one who, in the end, he does not find it he said in an interview with “That’s great! It doesn’t have to be a thing stereotyped, that’s what I loved about the show – it doesn’t have to be a certain way, you know? “

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According to Kunal Nayyar, moreover, even after the end of The Big Bang Theory the lives of Sheldon, Raj, Leonard and the others continue in their world, even if we don’t see them on TV. “In the world of these characters, the next morning they wake up and their life goes on. So, somewhere, these guys are living a great life and their adventures continue. That’s why there wasn’t a big bang ending, you know? Like someone leaving, or someone who dies. We said goodbye to the show, but their lives, those go on. “

The professional career of Kunal Nayyar, meanwhile, continues with a role in Criminal on Netflix, while there are those who continue to hope for spin-offs or revivals dedicated to The Big Bang Theory. For the moment we don’t talk about it, but here are 5 good reasons to hope for new seasons.


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