The Benefits and Harms of Male Frankincense

The Benefits and Harms of Male Frankincense

which frankincense is best for skin:

The best frankincense for skin is this organic Boswellia serrata resin. This is the full plant frankincense with no adulteration or oxidation of any kind. It also has a good amount of Boswellia acids, which are the active compounds in the resin that have made it so popular over centuries of use! The more concentrated boswellic acid resin is this one.

Since they do not contain water, resins are an ideal way to enjoy fresh frankincense. They can also be conveniently carried around on your person or in your vehicle, making them easy to apply anywhere you happen to be. As long as they are kept dry, resins will last almost indefinitely without losing their potency.

It is possible to make fresh frankincense essential oil with a large home still. It takes about 50 grams of the resin and distills it in a steam bath for 30 minutes.

I have bought “frankincense” off eBay which turned out to be gum arabic resin, so I would be wary of buying frankincense off eBay or other places where you cannot see what you are getting. Make sure that if your supplier uses the word “oil”

they are not selling an essential oil – this will not have much effect on the skin! If you are unsure, ask them for pictures of the actual resin that they are selling, then purchase from another seller who has better reviews or more pictures that match what is being sold.

If you want to apply a carrier oil first, I would recommend evening primrose oil since it is high in essential fatty acids that are said to be great for your skin. Jojoba oil is also good as it closely resembles the sebum our skin naturally produces and soaks into the skin well without being too oily.

Beware of using coconut oil as a dilutant, however, as frankincense resin dissolves coconut oil very easily! Also note that if your skin is sensitive or you have any allergies, test out each different type of carrier yourself before massaging over large areas of your body! Dilute with more carrier oils if necessary.

In order to get the most out of your frankincense resin, you have to heat it slightly before applying. This helps the resin liquefy quickly and spread across your skin.

frankincense benefits spiritual:

Frankincense has been widely celebrated for more than 4,000 years for its spiritually uplifting effects. It is a powerful essential oil that can help you to enter a sacred state of mind more easily.

Massaging frankincense resin into your skin will deliver the active ingredients quickly and effectively while bypassing some of the digestion steps on their way to the bloodstream. This makes it a more efficient delivery mechanism for spiritual healing than simply sniffing the resin or ingesting it in food. I would recommend putting some onto your third eye (between and slightly above your eyebrows) if you want to focus on any particular chakras during meditation.

frankincense skin benefits:

Frankincense is just one of many ancient skincare ingredients that can help to rejuvenate your skin. It has proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are great for helping to even out your skin tone, heal fresh scars and prevent the early signs of aging in your face.

However, I would recommend using it in conjunction with other natural remedies for acne if you suffer from this condition. This includes avoiding any over-processed foods in favor of more fruits and vegetables (especially cabbage family vegetables like broccoli), drinking enough pure water every day (about 1/2 tsp. salt per liter) to keep your body hydrated but not bloated, quitting smoking, or at least cutting down on it significantly (smoking dries out the mucous membranes under your skin which promotes acne), and reducing stress levels (stress releases more cortisol into the body which can lead to constantly high insulin levels which cause acne).

Remember that frankincense is an oil, so it will go rancid after one year of being exposed to air. You can tell if your frankincense is still good by smelling it – if you smell nothing at all, I would recommend buying some new resins.

The bottles in which you buy them are not needed either – while they might make the resin easier to apply without spilling, you should just dump out any excess resin on a piece of paper or something similar before applying with your fingers. If you want to keep your bottle, however, it can be cleaned with alcohol and used for storing other types of oils in the future.

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