The Attack of the Giants: the manga ends, here are the greetings of the fans

Since 2009 The attack of the Giants has accompanied numerous fans with its story full of action, mysteries and complex events that have tied together the fate of numerous characters. Unfortunately, however, the manga has come to an end and the fans have shared their emotions on social networks.

Over the years Hajime Isayama’s work has become one of the most highly regarded having involved numerous enthusiasts who every month tried to understand the complex rules of the way devised by the mangaka and the motivations that pushed the various characters to perform certain actions.

With the publication of the highly anticipated final for many it is a real era is over and the enthusiasm of readers can be seen in various posts shared through social media, some of which are reported at the bottom of this news.

In the Tweets below there are those who claim to love the work and who undoubtedly considers it a masterpiece and in general they all seem to be very grateful to the author for the long journey undertaken in these years. The same Isayama recently he has prepared to distribute some illustrations of The Attack of the Giants dedicated to those who have continued to read his work and a letter of thanks has been reported at the end of the last chapter of The Attack of the Giants.

And what do you think of this manga? What are your feelings now that it’s over? Let us know below in the comments section.

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