The Attack of the Giants 139: the moving farewells to the fallen of the Reconnaissance Army

The Attack of the Giants has given us many important moments over the past 11 years and 7 months. Most of these were sad and full of despair due to the many deaths that occurred in the course of Hajime Isayama’s work. The soldiers of the Reconnaissance Army who fell during the chapters are many.

Hanji Zoe was one of the last people from the Reconnaissance Army to die in Attack on Titan, but the character returned in the final chapter of the manga along with his old companions. The wings of freedom have in fact shown themselves in front of Levi, with the now exhausted captain who has observed his old companions for the last time, making the typical salute of the fist on the heart. Even if only hinted at, Levi is moved by the last farewell to the companions of the Reconnaissance Army.

Also Jean and Connie have their goodbye moment with Sasha. The girl appears in the smoke caused by the demise of the luminous creature, surprising the two boys who had just become human. Smiling, he vanishes with his hand over his heart as the two comrades left alive smile in response. This was the latest tribute to some of the many dead characters in Attack of the Giants, showing how the efforts made by past soldiers have not been in vain.

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