“TEKASHI 69” AKA 6IX9INE’s Net Worth

As you all know, “6IX9INE” who is also known as “TEKASHI 69”, is an American rapper that resides peacefully in New York City. The original name of the rapper is Daniel Hernandez, but as soon as he jumps in such a progressive profession fans call him “6IX9INE”.

The 22-year-old rapper is well known for his controversial behavior and his creative brute-force screams in his songs. Fans surely love to listen to her rap songs in which Daniel performs perfectly. “6IX9INE” was famous after his debut single Gummo that did launch back in 2017. Due to his debut performance, it is now at the 12th place on the US Billboard Hot 100.


At such a young age of 22, “TEKASHI 69” has a net worth of $4 million dollars and the number keeps on increasing. He happens to inspire many people to progress tremendously while putting in hard work and effort. Daniel Hernandez is surely not going to satisfy with the current fame as he is willing to go for more.

Early Life Of TEKASHI 69

Daniel Hernandez or 6IX9INE was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn on 8 May 1996. Her mother was Mexican while his father was Puerto Rican. After turning 13 of age, he did begin to live his life with his brother. He had such a tragic early life where he got expelled from school in the 8th grade and his father being murdered in 2009. But still, the young rapper did find his successful career alongside dealing with everything.


Daniel’s Career

6IX9INE did make his arrival back in 2014 when he begins dropping rap songs one after another for three years. He then became famous in 2017 when his IG post went viral on Reddit and Twitter. Most memes include TEKASHI 69’s eccentric look. People were loving his aggressive techniques while rapping in the songs.

Overall, Daniel Hernandez did manage to earn a net worth of $4 million dollars all by his efforts and hard work. He is currently living life to the fullest while focusing on his health and career.

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