that’s why it’s not a classic detective series

Professor T is Belgium’s answer to Sherlock. With the third and final season of the homonymous crime series launched on SBS On Demand and arrived in Italy on LA 7, we explain how this unusual detective stands out from the group of famous television colleagues.

Television is full of more or less extravagant detectives and this is because they are extremely fun and rewarding. For years the figure of the detective remained anchored to the classic character of Sherlock Holmes and therefore there are few alternative realities that have tried to create their own identity and succeeded.

One of these is Professor T. who sees the actor as the protagonist Koen De Bouw in the shoes of Criminology Professor Jasper Teerlinck, or one of the best criminologists of the University of Antwerp. We are faced with the kind of energetic and fickle teacher that students never forget. So when the inspector Annelies Donckers (Ella Leyers), one of her former students who is now a detective in the Antwerp Police Department, is faced with a rape and murder case on campus that she can’t solve, she knows exactly who to turn to for help. There is only one problem: while Professor T. is a genius in the classroom, outside he is a walking mixture of quirks and neuroses that make it more than complicated for him to operate outside the university, let alone in the rough and tumultuous environment of a murder investigation.

The unwritten rules of the bizarre investigative character state that it is precisely his quirks that serve to distinguish him from an infallible detective and make him a mere mortal. And then, endowed with empathy and that means that he feels the pain of others and reading other people’s expressions means recognizing that everyone is always lying.

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For Professor T., his great crime-solving skills come together with a number of social issues that make him distant and detached. First, it is extremely phobic of germs. It’s a walking advertisement for hand sanitizers, practically walking surrounded by a cloud of hand sanitizer and white gloves. Then suffer from hallucinations and sometimes these are nothing short of tragicomic.

Professor T. hates the foolish and the ignorant and if he considers an inferior interlocutor, he will point it out to him outright. Finally, another important difference with the classic detectives are the crimes on which he is called to consult. Her first case is a campus rape that echoes a crime that happened 10 years earlier (and which may have been committed by the perpetrator himself). Other crimes in the first season include a poisoning, a contract murder, kidnappings and the type of seedy street murders in which eccentric detectives rarely get involved. Usually, their enhanced abilities mean dealing with crimes that involve more puzzles than gruesome street crimes. Professor T. will have his quirks, but the crimes he faces they are not always blood mysteriesThere are also drug deals gone bad.

In short, if you had not done so, perhaps it is time to start watching the Professor T series now that it is available on LA 7. However, Professor T. is very different from the Professor of La Casa di Carta who recently told some news on the new season.


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