Test Drive is about to return: the new chapter will be unveiled at Nacon Connect

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Through a video published on the social pages of Test Drive, the confirmation of the development of a new chapter of Test Drive Unlimited finally arrives, with an announcement expected to coincide with the Nacon Connect.

To accompany the first teaser trailer of the new Test Drive we find a laconic message that reads "we are back!", Complete with an indication of the day when we will finally have the opportunity to witness the return of this historic open-world racing saga.

Kylotonn Racing is Nacon they give us an appointment at 19:00 Italian Tuesday 7 July to be able to admire the official announcement video of the next chapter of Test Drive, but they do not provide further information on the nature of this announcement video (will it include scenes with ingame graphics or will it be a "simple" teaser in kinematics?), on the launch timing or on the number of platforms on which the title will come out.

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Also on July 7th, but this time at 17:00, the announcement of the new Spiders game after GreedFall is also planned which, according to what suggested by the teaser image shared by the Parisian software house, could be a nextgen RPG with setting halfway between fantasy and futuristic.

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