ten singles look for love in the new reality show presented by Cristina Pedroche

This Sunday night, April 11, the Atresmedia Neox channel premieres one of its great entertainment bets: ‘Love Island’ arrives at 9:00 p.m. with a multi-channel premiere. A dating show in which ten singles They will live together in a luxury villa to try to get out of it as a couple.

Presented by Cristina Pedroche, this global phenomenon that has swept the United Kingdom and around the world, comes as a good substitute for ‘The Island of Temptations’ and other similar formats. So we are going to tell you how this new program works.

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Ten contestants in a villa

Villa Love Island

The program is a reality dating and coexistence that brings together ten “islanders” (five boys and five girls) who will live isolated from abroad in a luxury villa located in front of the sea in the south of Gran Canaria. In addition to 65 robotic cameras, the facilities have a fully equipped kitchen, the living room, the common bedroom, the suite (which will be a reward), a large garden, gym and swimming pool.

The first batch of contestants (new ones will be eliminated and incorporated) is made up of Adele, Miguel, Carla, Moure, Celia, Jesús, José, Beatriz, Saúl and Fiona.

Objective: always have a partner

Concursantes Love Island

The competition has a clear objective week after week: always have a partner. Just start pairings will be formed On the basis of which he will turn the different games and dynamics of the week: from romantic dinners to dates and other tests to see if yours can last.

All this is added the continuous arrival of new singles, who will enter by surprise and they will mean breaks and the creation of new couples. That and the participation of the public, who through the app will be able to propose changes, and appointments between two islanders, even if they are not a couple.

Once a week, Cristina Pedroche will light the Fire, where she will ask the islanders to pair up again. This will mean a new love structure in ‘Love Island’.

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In addition, it will be in the hands of the public not only if this or that will have an appointment, but they will also vote for their favorite couple, which single person should enter the village, who should be eliminated and which couple of those who reach the final week should be the winner of this first edition of ‘Love Island’, with the economic prize that this implies.

A daily format in “false direct”

Based on the ITV Studios and Motion Content Group format, the show is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Boomerang TV. The broadcast of ‘Love Island’ will be in a “fake live” summary format. The cameras will always be rolling and what they capture will reach viewers in what is released the next day.

That is, in Neox We will be able to see five programs a week in which the highlights of the previous day will be broadcast. In addition, in ATRESplayer Premium there will be exclusive content and an unpublished weekly program.

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