13 Reasons Why – where do we go from here?

Finally the 13 Reasons Why’s season three is one air on Netflix. It is thirteen hour-long episodes with heavy topics as plots. Overall, it’s an emotional roller coaster their things get struggled up and has a mixes effect on the audience. Netflix has also officially confirmed the fourth last season of the series.


The trailer tells the audience about the death of Bryce Walker. The characters seem dimensionless, and Ani’s suffering for Bryce’s death is not explicit. Overall she seems to show very less interest in finding the person behind Bryce’s death.

The most shocking cliff hanger ending of 13 Reasons Why season 2 was Tyler raped in the last episode of the series. In the third season, you will find very fewer gunshots and such actions from Tyler. Tyler’s confession scene with Clay is us remarkable ad Devin Druid has done a great job.

Neither Bryce or Monty gets appropriately punished for their crimes though they don’t survive the entire season. Bryce doesn’t get convicted of rape and Monty at the as in prison instead of serving a sentence.

“Has feminism gone too far” is the question of the hour regarding the third season of 13 Reasons Why. The final scene is powerful here Jessica’s speech to the school and administration to take sexual assaults seriously is fabulous. It also includes making survivors.

Jessica regaining here sexuality and body is quite powerful. The way she uses her voice to uplift others was one of the better parts of the series.  However, the series makes a strong impression on reflecting society and law that rape is evil, and it is a punishable crime. It also flashes lights the plight of the rape victims and the painful aftermath that follows.

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