Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Vegeta prepares for his biggest battle in episode 34

The narrative arc of the Space-Time war has come to life in the latest episode of the promotional anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission, and in addition to the intense battle that involved Goku and Heart, now become allies, a particularly complex challenge for the Saiyan Prince Vegeta has been anticipated.

Goku’s adventure in the new universe created by the evil Fu seems to get more and more bizarre, given the collaboration started with Heart to face Golden Freezer and Golden Cooler. The incredible exchange of blows between the protagonists and the two sons of King Cold was however suddenly interrupted by a powerful attack from the legendary Broly, who unleashed all his anger against the 4 fighters.

Vegeta is only shown in the last scenes of episode 34, where the mysterious Masked Saiyan, which according to many is the resurrected Goku Black, officially starts the clash between the proud Prince and the two dangerous Turles and Cumber. A battle that promises to be particularly difficult for Vegeta, who will have to rely on the totality of his powers and techniques to have even the slightest chance of being the winner.

Recall that chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super was presented with a trailer, and we let you discover why Vegeta is not with Goku in the spin-off series.

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