Super Dragon Ball Heroes introduces a mysterious character

Often, In Dragon Ball, the introduction of figures related to medicine did not have positive implications for our protagonists. The most striking example is Dr. Gero, who with the creation of the Androids and above all Cell was one step away from destroying the Earth.

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime has introduced a similar profile – at least on paper. In the last episode it was presented to viewers a mysterious character, who we know only to be a doctor belonging to the dimension of the dark demon.

Its peculiar feature allows him to turn his arm into a weapon. While Goku and Vegeta were busy against Bojack and Turles, the Xenon versions of the two Saiyans headed for the dimension of the dark demon to meet this elusive doctor.

It is therefore probable that the two warriors have already made his acquaintance, and precisely for this reason it is difficult to decipher the true loyalty of the character. As for the clash with Bokack and Turles, the antagonists have acquired considerable strength thanks to the energy coming from the Tree of the Universe, putting Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue form in great difficulty.

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: a fan imagines Vegh SSJ4 in the style of DBZ. The title and synopsis of the fourth episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes are now available.


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