Studio WIT president confirms: “more revenue from outside Japan”

The arrival of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has strengthened the interests of the sector to satisfy more and more even the western audience. In fact, in recent years, Japan has loosened its iconic closure to open up to the global market and the results are already starting to influence the animation industry.

Their role is becoming so important that Netflix has even embarked on a project with WIT Studio for saving the sector from the labor crisis which for years has removed hundreds of animators from the profession due to the negligible salaries and exhausting work schedules. Anyway, Geroge Wada, president of WIT, recently commented on the current situation of profits that seem to come more and more from outside of Japan:

The tipping point, where more than half of the anime industry’s revenue is generated outside of Japan, is about to be passed. The hectic decade of mergers and acquisitions has made the industry recognize that growth had to come from overseas, and as a result, souls are now planning to take that path. It has become difficult to run a business that caters exclusively to Japan. So instead of sticking to a two step process where we deliver to the rest of the world only titles that have been successful in Japan, we will rather create titles that are not only successful here, but that have been internationally successful from the start.

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Some fear that in this way the factor of censorship or creative limitations could multiply, yet it is undeniable that the increasingly crucial role of the West is giving vigor to a sector that needs more attention.


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