Striking Out Season 3: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know Far

The Irish courtroom drama series “Striking Out” is shown on RTE Television in Ireland, Acorn TV in the United States, and 5Select in the United Kingdom. The program, developed by James Phelan and directed by Lisa James Larsson and Simon Massey, centers on the daily activities of a single attorney in a modest Dublin legal company.

Season 1 of the new program ‘Striking Out’ began on RTE on January 1, 2017, and on Acorn TV on March 17, 2017. Both the show and its four episodes were well-received by television reviewers and audiences. Additionally, it was the most-watched program on RTE’s flagship Sunday night program in over a year. Although RTE renewed the program for a second season before the first season had aired, suggesting that they had expected the show’s success, the show’s first season had less effect than they had hoped. Fans have been curious whether ‘Striking Out’ would return for a third season since the launch of Season 2, which comprises six episodes, on RTE on January 7, 2018.

Cast and characters

Main cast

  • Amy Huberman as Tara Rafferty; a Dublin-based solicitor
  • Neil Morrissey as Vincent Pike; SC and close friend of Tara’s
  • Rory Keenan as Eric Dunbar; Tara’s cheating ex-fiancé and former colleague
  • Fiona O’Shaughnessy as Meg Reilly; a private investigator and tech guru
  • Emmet Byrne as Ray Lamont; a petty criminal represented by Tara whom she later employs
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy as George Cusack; Tara’s new office partner
  • Moe Dunford as Sam Dunbar; Eric’s younger brother
  • Paul Antony-Barber as Richard Dunbar; senior partner in the law firm and Eric’s father
  • Nick Dunning as Conrad Rafferty; Tara’s father, who works as a barrister
  • Ingrid Craigie as Irene Rafferty; Tara’s mother and former legal secretary
  • Brahm Gallagher as Pete; a local cafe owner who allows Tara to set up her fledgling firm in his back office

Recurring cast

  • Conall Keating as Steve; Ray’s partner
  • Kate Gilmore as Lucy Whelan; receptionist at Dunbar’s
  • Sam McGovern as “Bookworm” Joe; a junior counsel
  • Natalie Radmall-Quirke as Caroline Walsh; an employee at Dunbar’s
  • Elva Trill as Gillian; an employee at Dunbar’s
  • Susannah De Wrixon as Joan Dunbar; Eric’s mother
  • Enda Oates as Phillip McGrath
  • Michael James Ford as Nigel Fitzjames
  • Jane Brennan as Deidre York

Striking Out Plot: What is it about?

Tara Rafferty, a Dublin-based attorney, is central to the show’s narrative. She is introduced in the pilot episode as having a flourishing profession. But when she learns that her attorney fiancé Eric is cheating on her, she is devastated. Tara, enraged by his adultery, decides to establish her own law business and leave him and the prestigious company they had been working for together.

However, it’s not simple to make a clean start in the legal profession. Tara opens her own business, albeit a little one that can only be reached by way of a coffee shop. Tara builds her own team with the support of Vincent, a friend, and mentor, and Meg, a digital whiz and private investigator, as she strives to make a reputation for herself in the competitive field of Dublin family and divorce law. Nevertheless, Tara begins to build a reputation for herself by competently handling several high-profile and tough cases despite the sluggish, chaotic start to the newly legal business.

As she begins to make a name for herself in Dublin’s family and divorce law scene, her ex-fiance and his legal firm naturally take notice. In addition to the crimes she solves, the episode mostly focuses on Tara and Eric’s relationship, which is further complicated by the introduction of Eric’s younger brother, Sam. While the season develops, Tara is forced to mingle with powerful politicians and attorneys while she attempts to solve her career and personal issues at the same time. Many fans are crossing their fingers for a third season as the second one comes to a conclusion because of the cliffhanger it leaves them on.

Striking Out Season 3 Plot

This courtroom drama’s first two seasons are full of raw emotion and nuanced power relations. The story begins with Tara Rafferty learning that her fiance, Eric Dunbar, is having an affair with one of his coworkers. The tension between Tara and Eric grows when we discover that they both work for the same law company. Tara quickly leaves her employment to open her own law firm, where she represents clients in family law cases.

Later in Striking Out, Tara encounters resistance from influential people. She’s having trouble separating her personal life from her professional life. Can Tara handle, accept, and triumph over both? Season 2 ended on a questionable cliffhanger, frustrating many viewers. When it finally arrives on streaming services, Season 3 of Striking Out will begin up just where Season 2 left off. Season 3 of Striking Out may center on Tara, Barry, and the mysterious Coraline. This James Phelan showing has been criticized for being “too little.” This, too, will most likely evolve. If I could alter one thing, it would be to provide us with longer seasons.

Striking Out Season 3 Release Date

When the second season of ‘Striking Out’ concluded on February 11, 2018, viewers were left wondering what would happen next, therefore their hopes were high that the program would be renewed for a third season. That, however, is not always the case.

Amy Huberman, the show’s lead, has indicated an interest in a third season since early 2018. However, in April 2018, an RTE representative informed the Independent. ie that there were “no immediate plans” to renew “Striking Out.” Since then, RTE has been silent on the show’s future despite the passage of many months. Thus, the current situation makes Season 3 unlikely.

Where can I watch Striking Out Season?

Recent seasons are available to watch online at your leisure on AMC, Hoopla, Acorn TV, and Sundance Now (US), among other networks. Sky Go, STV Player, Virgin TV Go, and Acorn TV are all streaming the series in the UK.

How has the show been rated so far?

The legal drama genre sometimes has trouble attracting viewers, but this show’s subject has been told so beautifully that even those who aren’t familiar with the law like it. As a result, the series successfully accomplishes the goals that have earned it praise from viewers and experts alike. IMDb users have given Striking Out 7.6 out of 10 stars.


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