Still Up Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Details

Have you ever had a conversation with someone in the small hours of the morning? Everyone else is sound sleeping, and here you are having this conversation with me. Still Up gives the audience a touching love tale.

The story revolves around two characters who are seeking to build a relationship with one another. They are both keeping each other awake, working hard to keep the bond that is starting to form between them. The launch of the new love serial Still Up was met with enthusiastic viewership and critical acclaim. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of Season 2 of Still Up’s premiere date.

Still Up Season 2 Release Date

It is too soon to tell whether a second season will be made given that just three chapters of the first season have been published so far. In addition, neither a renewal notice nor a release date has been made public as of yet. Therefore, the continuance of the series is uncertain.

The first season’s ratings will likely determine whether or not there will be a second. There will be eight episodes in Still Up’s first season, and the next one will premiere on September 29, 2023. The series finale is set to run on Friday, October 27, 2023, therefore a renewal announcement might come at any point before then, depending on the show’s popularity and ratings. IMDb users have given the first three episodes mostly positive ratings (between 7.4 and 8 out of 10). More official information is forthcoming, but fans will have to wait.

Still Up Story

Two sleepless people struggling with daily life are the focus of this tale. They’re both tired of their routines and need a change of scenery. So, when they both can’t sleep, they’ve taken to talking to one other. Actually, many of us could probably identify with this scenario the most. On occasion, we had pleasant conversations with people we liked. The individual of interest has even spoken to us on the phone. These experiences leave an indelible mark on our memories, and for some, seeing Still Up will bring them flooding back.

Still Up Cast

  • Antonia Thomas as Lisa
  • Craig Roberts as Danny
  • Lois Chimimba as Amy
  • Luke Fetherston as Adam
  • Blake Harrison as Veggie
  • Rich Fulcher as Cat Man
  • Alice Bailey Johnson as Kate
  • Bronte Smith as Poppy
  • Cathy Murphy as Nikki
  • Jo Martin as Angela
  • Enzo Squillino Jr. as Alonzo
  • Letty Butler as Jane
  • Anna Crilly as Dr. Jennifer Bentley
  • Glen Davies as Bob
  • Jacqueline Boatswain as Anne Cooper
  • Albert Magashi as Tyler
  • Samantha Spiro as Veggie’s mother
  • Ivana Bašić as Lena Zurawski
  • Tim Samuels as Ian
  • Linda Hargreaves as Aunt Em
  • Remy Beasley as Anna

Still Up Season 2 Plot

The story of Still Up revolves around Lisa and Danny and their mysterious late-night connection. Their paths were never crossed in the real world, but during the first season, viewers were witness to a remarkable friendship growing in the shadows.

Their chats continued late into the night, creating a special bond between them. The complicated dynamic between Lisa and Danny is set to be explored in depth in Season 2 of Still Up. Is there a chance that their friendship may spark into something more romantic?

How will they find their way through the maze of their trials when they can’t sleep? To keep viewers interested, Still Up may bring new plot lines and characters to the already intriguing environment of the program. Lisa and Danny, true friends in their own way, are yet bound together by the common bond of sleeplessness.

Where to watch Still Up?

The whole first season, consisting of eight episodes, may be seen online. You won’t be able to watch Still Up Season 2 until its official premiere date arrives. Still Up Season 1 is now available on Apple TV+.

Still Up Review

To begin with, the series is captivating due to its intriguing premise. Both Lisa and Danny have insomnia, so they spend the night talking on the phone or chatting on video chat. The idea is bolstered by the fact that Danny is housebound because of his agoraphobia. Because of this, Lisa and Danny are never in the same location at the same time.

The episodes will each follow a different character through an original plotline that occurs mostly at night, such as when we follow Danny as he prepares for a video chat interview or when we follow Lisa as she wanders aimlessly around an unfamiliar city. The two people rely on one another to get them out of sticky situations or to just vent about their problems.

Roberts’s abilities as an actor are well used by the writing and character, which allow him to create Danny a mixture of anxious energy and impulsive decisions that is nevertheless easily lovable. Throughout the series, there are a number of other fantastic guest actors that make appearances; we won’t reveal any of them here to avoid spoilers, but rest assured that they all fit in with this softly comedic and frequently strange after-dark universe.


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