Starstruck Season 3: Renewal Status, Release Date, And More

Produced for BBC Three and HBO Max, Starstruck is a comedy series created by Rose Matafeo. Matafeo and Alice Snedden co-wrote the show. The show’s executive producers are Jon Thoday, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, and Toby Welch. On April 25, 2021, the first season debuted, and on February 2, 2022, the second season did the same. As a result of its current perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, the producers have decided to bring it back for a third season.

So, when can we expect to see Starstruck Season 3? What happens? Who would be the main actors who would return? Keep reading if you want to find out more information.

Starstruck Season 3 Renewal Status

Starstruck will, indeed, be back on your screens for a second season. All episodes of the show’s second season have aired from the season finale on February 7, 2022. HBO Max announced the renewal for a third season in June 2022, after fans had been waiting for a while. The actors also informed viewers that the show had been renewed.

Rose Matafeo, who created the program and plays Jessie on it, announced the news on her official Twitter account by simply stating, “SZN 3.”

Rose Matafeo’s comedy Starstruck will be back for a third season on BBC Three, the network confirmed. Romantic comedy sitcom set in 2021 that follows young Londoner Jessie as she deals with the challenges of developing feelings for Hollywood A-lister Tom.

Matafeo and Nikesh Patel will reprise their roles as Jessie and Tom in the next season’s six 30-minute episodes. Matafeo, who also co-wrote this season with Alice Snedden, will serve as a director. A third?” – Rose Matafeo. Sure. Fine. I’m so delighted to reunite this amazing group for a third time, and I can’t wait to get back into the director’s chair with my sweet friend Alice Snedden.

Starstruck Season 3 Cast


  • Rose Matafeo as Jessie, a New Zealander living and working in London who has a one-night stand with a stranger who turns out to be a movie star
  • Nikesh Patel as Tom Kapoor, an A-list actor, and Jessie’s love interest
  • Emma Sidi as Kate, Jessie’s best friend and flatmate


  • Sindhu Vee as Sindhu
  • Al Roberts as Ian, Kate’s boyfriend
  • Jon Pointing as Dan
  • Joe Barnes as Joe
  • Nic Sampson as Steve
  • Lola-Rose Maxwell as Sarah
  • Abraham Popoola as Jacob
  • Ambreen Razia as Shivani
  • Nadia Parkes as Sophie Diller
  • Liz Kingsman as Liz
  • Russell Tovey

Starstruck Season 3 Plot

Starstruck centers on Jessie, a young Londoner who works two minimum-wage jobs and is trying to navigate the love pitfalls of dating Hollywood A-lister Tom. New episodes will begin up where Season 2’s conclusion, “Party,” left off on February 7, 2022.

Rose Matafeo, Nic Sampson, and Alice Snedden wrote and directed this episode. According to the episode’s official description, “Steve and Sarah’s pre-wedding celebrations bring Tom back into Jessie’s life; with Tom’s imminent departure to the States, Jessie contemplates why they broke up.”Thus, the third season premiere of Starstruck is anticipated to be based on this established concept.

After a short breakup at the conclusion of Season 2, Jessie and Tom reconcile after her friends helped her see her pattern of avoiding committed relationships. The third season’s narrative is still unclear at this point, however, it has been speculated that it would continue the events and characters introduced in the second season.

Also, the opening episode of the next season will take up any cliffhangers or subplots from the previous one and will dig headfirst into this realm with more cast experimentation, offering viewers a breath of fresh air from the usual fare. Therefore, it is crucial for the network to develop the greatest material and narrative while bringing these adored characters front and center in order to entice people to watch the series.

Starstruck Season 3 Release Date

The renewal announcement has already sent supporters into a frenzy. They can’t wait for season 3 of Starstruck to air. We understand that many of you are eagerly awaiting news of a release date, but it looks like we will have to remain patient a little longer. The official release date has not yet been set, but be assured that we will provide the information as soon as it becomes available.

Is there a trailer for Starstruck Season 3?

There have been no trailers or promotional materials issued for Season 3 of Starstruck by the network, so viewers have no idea what the characters will be up to or what new territory they will cover. The network has released this promotional content much too early.

Starstruck Season Rating

Everyone rates a program according to how well it is rated. The ratings are usually the most reliable predictor of a show’s long-term success. The greater one’s status, the better one’s chances of making it through the game. The program has an 83% average audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.6/10 rating on IMDb.

Starstruck Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 of Starstruck will likely consist of six episodes, each of which will be around 21 minutes long. This is just conjectural at this point, so we recommend holding off until the formal announcement is made.

Where can I watch Starstruck Season 3?

Season 3 of Starstruck is an HBO Max exclusive, so when it becomes available to watch, you’ll have to do it via that service alone. In addition, the whole first and second seasons’ worth of programs may now be seen online.

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