Star Wars: The New Trilogy Might Have Gorgeous “Gal Gadot”

Star Wars: The New Trilogy Might Have Gorgeous “Gal Gadot” It is said that in Lucasfilm, they are very interested in recruiting the actress who plays Wonder Woman.


Although Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will arrive at closing the Skywalker saga. The franchise will go for a long time since Disney and Lucasfilm have big plans.

It has been revealed that there will be two new trilogies. One by Rian Johnson, the director of Last Jedi. While the other will be in the hands of DB Weiss and David Benioff, The “Game of Thrones” showrunners.

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Wow, it was even recently announced that Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios is working on a new Star Wars film that could become another trilogy.

According to reports, the studio is also looking for actors for the new films. So according to sources, We Got This Covered site. Gal Gadot is being considered for an important role in one of the original trilogies of the Star Wars saga. There are not many details revealed about it, but it is believed that the Israeli actress and model could play an original main character.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, we heard that Brie Larson is also being considered to star in a movie. So, she has responded with insinuations that seem to confirm the news.

If it is confirmed that Gal Gadot will join the Star Wars franchise, then it will be necessary to see what the future of the actress as Wonder Woman would be in the DCEU. Although she filmed Wonder Woman in 1984, more films may likely continue considering that it is a quite popular character.

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How about the idea of ​​having Gal Gadot and Brie Larson in the Star Wars universe?

Speaking of Star Wars, the Disney + service will soon be released. It will include several related productions, such as The Mandalorian and the Obi-Wan Kenobi series with Ewan McGregor.

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