Spider-Man Will is finally coming to Disney + after a new deal, but after Netflix

Although Disney + has become the home (streaming) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the lack of movies from Spider-Man de Tom Holland. However, this will have a solution. In the future, they will come. And this is thanks to the agreement between Disney and Sony.

The deal comes two weeks after Sony and Netflix struck a multi-year deal to give Netflix the rights to stream movies before the others. The Disney thing will happen thereafter, so sit back and wait because the 2022-2026 releases will come to Disney + after leaving Netflix. And that’s only in the North American market.

The rights to Sony movies like Jumanji and Hotel Transylvania are also affected by the deal, and many other movies. Of course: Hulu will already have access to these productions in June.

“We are delighted by our agreement with Disney to bring our films to viewers and subscribers.”said Keith Le Goy, President of Distribution and Networks for Sony Pictures Entertainment.”This agreement is a cornerstone of our distribution strategy, which is to maximize the value of our films by making them available to consumers in all areas with a wide range of key partners..”

For now, however, Netflix remains paramount in Sony’s strategy and prudent timing will take precedence for the coming months. Fans will still find it weird not to have Tom Holland yet in their Disney catalog.

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