Severe Thunderstorms and Flash Floods predicted in 4 US States

A few regions in Oklahoma State are expected to suffer thunderstorms on this Tuesday and a few days thereafter.

This has been the consequence of the 19 severe tornadoes that ripped central Oklahoma,  Texas, Missouri, and Arkansas on Monday.


The storms in the neighboring Texas state have been causing severe hail storms across Oklahoma.

The National Weather Service has warned the citizens of possible damage due to flooding areas.

The service has also forewarned about the likelihood of flash flooding which can affect over 50 million people. The areas like Tulsa, Wagoner, Osage, Rogers, Mayes, Pawnee and Washington counties have been issued a flash flood emergency.

The region has received over five inches of rain already and three more inches of rain are expected.

The state emergency management spokeswoman Keli Cain has stated that

“Hominy (Osage County) and Broken Arrow (Wagoner County) both have significant flooding and are setting up shelters for people who have been displaced by high water; Washington County Emergency Management reports a mobile home park is flooded in Dewey,”

The streets have turned into water streams. Several highways in Oklahoma have been closed due to the high level of waterlogging.

The departments have asked the drivers to stay away from the notified highways in view of the likelihood of continued flooding overnight.

Several schools in northern Oklahoma have been closed down on Tuesday due to heavy flooding.

There have been reports of extensive damage to homes, fairgrounds, and barns. Similar reports have come up about the power lines and trees coming down.

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