Sony will take the Crossfire video game to the cinema

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The action video game Crossfire It will end up arriving at the cinema thanks to Sony Pictures, who have announced an adaptation of this multiplayer FPS that adds the chilling figure of 1,000 million registered users.

The license will remain in the hands of producer Neal H. Moritz (Fast and Furious, Sonic the Hedgehog), with a script by Chuck Hogan (13 Hours, The Strain) according to information to which Variety has had access.

Sony collaborates with Smilegate developers for this film adaptation. Tencent, responsible for publishing Crossfire in China, acts in this collaboration as co-producers and also putting funding.

At the moment no information has been shared about who will direct the film, which actors will be part of the cast or an approximate sale for the premiere of the film.

Crossfire was released in 2007 and currently has about 6 million active users, so it remains one of the most current licenses in the market although it may be a bit unknown in the western market, where licenses such as Call of Duty and Battlefield cover their land With much more popularity. Even so, this SPF developed in South Korea is a phenomenon in Asian countries.

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The first version of the game for consoles is CrossfireX and will be launched on Xbox One sometime this year, after and as announced in the past E3 2019, where it was revealed that those responsible for adapting the game to the console are Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake and Control's parents, among others.

Sony also has other video game adaptations to take to the big screen. Specifically they are working at Uncharted, a production that has lost six directors since it was announced. They will also wear Twisted Metal, being the first production assasaplanded to PlayStation Productions, a label desasaplanded to adapt videogames to the feature film format.

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