Money Heist characters are the Real Life Lovers

Real Life Lover of Money Heist characters


Money heist is one such series on Netflix that has won the hearts of its viewers in such a way that they always want more of it. The worldwide fan following of the series is proof that the quality of the script and roles played by each actor in the series are equally worth the praise. Actors claim that their fans have been calling them by the names of the characters in money heist ever since it has made a sensation throughout the world. Let’s see who are the real-life lovers of the characters from Money Heist.

  • Alvaro Morte-A heartthrob who played the role of the show centric character of the professor is married to Blanca and the couple is blessed with twin babies. Blanca is stylish and they live in Madrid as a happy family
  • Itziar Itunao- This 45-year-old charming actor apparently was married to the man who played the role of colonel Prieto but is reportedly single these days. She is among those who love to live their lives on their own terms.
  • Miguel Herran- The charming Rio who has become a heartthrob of many girls since he has been seen in the series is single too. The Spanish actor, a dream boy of every girl is still to search for her Miss perfect.
  • Ursula Carberao The beautiful and talented Tokyo is in a relationship with Argentinian actors and has been dating since 2016. They look lovely together indeed.
  • Jamie Lorento- Denver from Money heist is happily married to his girlfriend turned wife. The couple tied the knot in 2018
  • Alba Flores- Popularly known as Nairobi Is single to these days. The ever so charming girl is waiting for the right guy.
  • Pedro Alonso- the 48-year-old actor who played Berlin in the stores was married to Tixxie Jambass but the couple has not been living together acc48-year-old sources.

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