Snowdrop Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

Netflix Announces Renewal for Season 2 of “Snowdrop” Fans of the Korean comedy series Snowdrop can’t wait for season two to air. After observing the most recent episodes, fans of this show are dying to know what happens next. For this reason, they go online to find out the outcome right away. If you are also looking for this, you have stumbled onto the right place.

Find out when Season 2 of Snowdrop will premiere and anything else you need to know right here. If you’re feeling down, keep reading this piece until the end, where you’ll find several options that are sure to lift your spirits. Snowdrop is a real-life Korean drama starring Jung Hae-In and Kim Ji-Soo. This is a JTBC Original, but it is currently available on Disney+ in some territories.

Snowdrop Season 2 Renewal Status

As of this writing, JTBC has not picked up Snowdrop for a second season. It appears unlikely that this drama will be revived, given how it has been received in Korea and how poorly it has performed in the ratings during the past few weeks.

The initial national rating of 2.9% has steadily decreased over the past few weeks, landing somewhere between 1.6% and 3%. Episode 7 has received the highest ratings, reaching 3.2%. That’s pretty low for a weekend drama, especially one with as much competition as this one has. This, combined with the rapid pace at which JTBC has been pulling many episodes each week, makes the renewal of Snowdrop look extremely doubtful.

Snowdrop Season 2 Release Date

Yoo Hyun-mi wrote the show’s music while Jo Hyun Tak oversaw the production of the show on South Korean television. On December 18, 2021, the premiere episode of this series was made available. As soon as word of Snowdrop spread, it was hailed by critics everywhere. Still, Season 2 of Snowdrop is eagerly anticipated by viewers who have seen every episode.

There has been no confirmation of a renewal or a release date for Season 2 from the production. It’s also too soon to start looking forward to the second season, which won’t wrap up until January 2022. However, assuming all goes as planned and development begins in June 2022, we could see Snowdrop 2 in the middle of 2023.

Snowdrop Storyline

In 1987, my name is Soo Ho, and Eun Young Ro and I were first-year students at one of Seoul’s finest universities. I’m Soo Ho has a subtle allure, yet her German upbringing lends her an air of mystery. At the party, Eun Young Ro spotted him and immediately fell in love with him. Even though she is being closely monitored by a gang of armed guards, Eun Young Ro continues to hide and treat Soo Ho’s wounds. Pi Seung Hee, Soo Ho, and Young Ro need to avoid people like the hostel’s phone operator, Kye Boon Ok, who didn’t get to go to college due to financial hardships in her family.

Lee Kang Moo, the head of the NIS, is a rule follower with a strong work ethic. Therefore, NIS agent Jang Han Na is gregarious, blunt, and dedicated to her mission. Beautiful and highly skilled, Dr. Kang Chung Ya works in a government-run hospital and has a way with patients. Even if Dr. Kang has a stellar reputation for her skill and dependability in the operating room, she may be hiding something from her patients.

Snowdrop Cast and characters

  • Jung Hae-in as Lim Soo-ho, formerly named Lee Tae-san, alias Lim Soo-hyeok. He is a North Korean agent with a mission assigned in South Korea
  • Jisoo as Eun Yeong-ro , a freshman at Hosu Women’s University in the English Literature Department and daughter of Eun Chang-su who is the director of the ANSP.
  • Yoo In-na as Kang Cheong-ya, a charismatic and skilled surgeon at a university hospital.
  • Jang Seung-jo as Lee Gang-mu, the leader of Team One in the Anti-Communist Investigation Bureau, Agency for National Security Planning (ANSP), who seeks to arrest Soo-ho over the death of his colleague.
  • Yoon Se-ah as Pi Seung-hee, the housemistress of Hosu Women’s University dormitory.
  • Kim Hye-yoon as Gye Bun-ok, a phone operator at Hosu Women’s University dormitory, who could not go to college due to financial issues.
  • Jung Yoo-jin as Jang Han-na, an impulsive, but passionate ANSP agent, who is Gang-mu’s junior and fiancée who was left behind six years ago.
  • Kim Min-kyu as Joo Gyeok-chan, a North Korean agent, who is prone to violence. He is later killed by Man-dong.
  • Jang In-sub as Lee Eung-cheol, a North Korean agent, is trusting and friendly towards Soo-ho. He is killed by Man-dong.
  • Heo Nam-joon as Oh Gwang-tae, a university student who likes Seol-hui.
  • Jeon Moo-song as Lim Ji-rok, the Head of United Front Dept., DPRK and Soo-ho’s adoptive father, who adopted both Soo-ho and Soo-hui from a coal mine.
  • Jung Ae-ri as Choi Soo-ryeon, the Deputy Director of Ministry of State Security, DPRK. She is later revealed to be Soo-ho’s biological mother.
  • Huh Joon-ho as Eun Chang-su, the Director of the ANSP and Yeong-ro’s father. He truly cares for Yeong-ro despite their strained relationship.
  • Kim Jung-nan as Hong Ae-ra, a former film actress, Eun Chang-su’s wife and Yeong-ro’s stepmother, who has a poor relationship with Yeong-ro.
  • Park Sung-woong as Nam Tae-il, He is the Secretary-General of the Aemin Party and former Director of the ANSP.
  • Ariane Desgagnés-Leclerc as Gong Gil-soon, a longtime friend of Kang Cheong-ya posing as ABK Partners fund manager Linda Young.
  • Jung Hye-young as Cho Seong-sim, daughter of a four-star general and Nam Tae-il’s wife.
  • Jung Shin-hye as Ko Hye-ryeong, a fourth-year student in the Department of Vocal Music and Yeong-ro’s dormmate.
  • Kim Mi-soo as Yeo Jeong-min, a fourth-year History major student and Yeong-ro’s dormmate, joined the democratic protests against the authoritarian government.
  • Choi Hee-jin as Yoon Seol-hui, a freshman in the Department of Home Management and Yeong-ro’s dormmate.
  • Jung Yi-seo as Shin Gyeong-ja, the president of the Dormitory Student Council who frequently sleepwalks.
  • Ahn Dong-goo as Choi Byung-tae, a military academy cadet who likes Hye-ryeong.
  • Kim Jong-soo as Kim Man-dong, a facility manager at Hosu Women’s University. He is later revealed to be a North Korean spy.

Where can I watch Snowdrop?

Fans may easily watch all the episodes of the newest Korean drama on a variety of websites, like Dramacool, and over-the-top (OTT) services like Netflix and Viki. However, Disney+ is the first streaming service to secure the rights to air the Korean drama Snowdrop. If you want to watch the popular Korean drama Snowdrop, you can easily find it on Disney.

Snowdrop Season 1 Rating

Snowdrop, KBS2’s newest drama, has been met with universal acclaim from critics and viewers alike. Snowdrop is the first Korean drama to air on Disney+ and has been a huge success for the streaming service. Fans have given the Korean drama Snowdrop excellent marks, and it now holds an 8.9/10 rating on IMDb and a 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.


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