Best Online Meeting Software that You Should Use in 2022

Physical meetings have become so 2-days-ago thing and now every big company is moving to online meetings. So, here are some of the Online meeting software that you should use in 2022.

Since the rise of the pandemic, a majority of big and small businesses and even academic institutes have moved to use some sort of meeting software application that allows them to create a room for a number of people, be it for the employees of different companies or the students who need to take online classes.

The use of these meeting software has increased exponentially and names like Zoom, Discord, that is popular amongst video game players, and Google Meet have become people’s go-to options to create and join meetings from around the world without any charges. But since the growth in popularity, a lot of developers have shown up with their own meeting software that promises to be useful. 

And so, we decided to make a list of the top 5 best meeting software that you should know about and are actually worth using in 2022!

Google Meet

Google Meet or Google Hangout Meets (as previously known) is Google’s solution to attend or join large video conferences from your mobile phone or laptop through your browser. Google Meet provides some of the best live meeting experiences since it works without having to download or install anything and you can join up to 250 members on a single call. 

The best thing about Google Meet is that you stay connected to all the other Google apps and tools. Want to share documents on a whim? You can easily do so by simply sharing them with other members without having to stray from your call. It also comes with features such as Q&A, Poll and hand raise to enhance interactivity without causing any interference.

You can set meetings through Google Calendar and on the day of the meeting, all the members get reminded to join you and all it takes is a single click to become part of the live video conference. It’s totally free and you can even share your live video with upto 100,000 participants with Meet’s view-only mode.


There is no doubt that Zoom has become one of THE most popular video conference apps around the world due to its ease of use and features that make it super convenient, even for people with a bad internet connection. Zoom is being used by many small and big companies around the world and it doesn’t stop there, most of the educational institutes have also moved on to using Zoom as their primary source for live classrooms.

Zoom is one of the most reliable live video calling apps that optimizes your video call and changes the quality of the video depending on the quality and strength of your internet connection, so you can easily stay connected even when the connection grows bad. 

Just like Google Meet, you can schedule your meetings, have a chat with other participants, use interactive tools like hand raise and carry out a Q&A while having a live call with the participants. There’s just a lot that you can do with Zoom and if you want more, you can upgrade your plan to pro and host a meeting without any time limitation and have full control over user management.

Microsoft Teams

Moving on, we have Microsoft Teams, which is by far one of the best video conferencing apps out there in the market. It provides a great live video experience with one of the robust whiteboarding features that help you communicate much faster, even when you are free-handing. Teams also provide a number of other features that help you create different environments, like a classroom, where the students can be seen sitting in their chairs and so on.

Microsoft Teams also works great when it comes to video quality, you can have quite a big meeting and still get a pretty smooth live video conferencing experience. It does get a little tricky with all the extra features and everything, but once you get ahold of everything, you might just find this to be your new-favorite meeting software in 2022.


Formerly known as, Whereby is yet another light yet powerful video conferencing software that works great for a small business or a group of people working together, who wants to keep everyone on the same page. It’s a browser-based application that doesn’t require you to download it, all you have to do is just open, create a meeting, share the link and anyone can join you.

It also comes with two different versions, the free one works just fine and you can pretty much find all the useful functionalities in front of you. It’s pretty easy to use and UI is also easy to understand. It’s a perfect solution for a quick meeting between small number of people. But if you want more there’s a paid version as well, that allows for multiple users at the same time and admins. 

Skype for Business

Coming up next we have Skype, which is probably one of the oldest and most known live video calling apps out there right now. Skype for business comes packed with a lot of useful features for holding a business meeting with up to 250 participants. It is easy to use and quite efficient with a small number of teams and it also comes with features such as virtual whiteboarding.

However, compared to the other two live meeting apps that we talked about, Skype doesn’t have many features and it is also not too good with meetings that hold a big number of participants. You can use it for meetings with a small number of participants without any problem.

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