Sinister 3: Will it Return?

For reasons that will become clear, the 2012 Blumhouse Productions film Sinister did not get a third episode despite becoming an instant blockbuster and inspiring a sequel. After its 2012 theatrical debut, Scott Derrickson’s supernatural horror film Sinister was a critical and commercial success.

Blumhouse Productions followed up the original film’s success with a sequel that came out in the summer of 2015. Sinister 2 failed to get the attention that the studio had hoped for, despite the success of previous series such as The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, and Insidious.

The original idea for the movies was that they might one day become a successful franchise like the others. There has been no release of the third Sinister movie in the five years that have passed.

Sinister 3 Renewal Status

The decision to renew Sinister 3 has remained under wraps at this time. More than seven years have passed with no official word from the creators on the revival. Thus, to forecast its coming would be utterly without merit. What follows is anyone’s guess.

Sinister 3: Why did it never happen?

Neither the release date nor the appearance of Bughuul onscreen have been announced to fans of the Sinister 3 series. But Jason Blum hinted at a possible Insidious/Sinister crossover in 2018. He may never direct another feature picture set in the sinister world, but he does acknowledge working on the project.

Even though the first picture was very successful and made a ton of money, the sequel didn’t do as well. Too much of Sinister 2 was about shock value and jump scares, and it didn’t deliver.

Due to the high standards established by Blumhouse’s concurrently released, critically acclaimed films, critics were particularly critical. After the failure of the sequel, it became clear that filming a third installment was out of the question.

The third picture may never have happened, but Bughuul is far from finished with his cinematic career; he may return for another feature in the future. Until then, fans will continue to flock to Sinister because of how terrifying and unsettling it is.

Sinister 3 Cast

No one has been officially announced to star in Sinister 3 as of this writing. However, we can expect to see some of the actors if there is a third chapter!

The following actors and actresses are being considered for the series:

  • Ethan Hawke as Ellison Oswalt
  • Juliet Rylance as Tracy Oswalt
  • Fred Thompson as Sheriff
  • James Ransone as Deputy
  • Michael Hall D’Addario as Trevor Oswalt
  • Cameron Ocasiowill as BBQ Boy
  • Danielle Kotchwill as Lawn Girl
  • Clare Foley as Ashley Oswalt
  • Nick King as Bughuul
  • Victoria Leigh as Stephanie
  • Ethan Haberfieldwill as the Pool Party Boy
  • Blake Mizrahiwill as Sleepy Time Boy
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Professor Jonas

Sinister 1 and 2 Recap

The narrative of Sinister 1 was rather fantastic, and it captivated the viewers. A family had been beheaded and hung from a tree in the backyard of the home where Ellison Oswalt and his family had just moved in.

For his second novel, the author chose to continue the same family’s journey. A 10-year-old girl, who was Stevenson’s fifth family member, vanished during the murder, adding an extra layer of tragedy and suspicion to the narrative. Subsequently, the author uncovered a container known as a reel that recorded the whole full-night occurrence.

However, many who didn’t find Sinister 2 terrifying thought the plot was weak. Like the prior one, this one had a rather familiar plot. In this, the grisly murder mystery of a family who seemed to be scarecrows hanging from covered sacks and then burned to death in a cornfield was unveiled in the nightmare of a 9-year-old girl. The second sequel failed at the box office because reviewers revealed the story’s later twist.

Sinister 3 Plot

We may anticipate a whole new chapter in the plot if the third installment of this film series is ever produced. Ethan Hawke is known for directing and performing in intense horror moments, so this film series is sure to deliver. Sinister 3 has the potential to take a dark turn and introduce new plot elements to the franchise. There has been no official announcement on Sinister 3 from the creators so far, so our best guess as to what will happen next in the series is pure speculation.

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