Shuichiro Moriyama- actor who voiced Porco Rosso dies

Shuichiro Moriyama, the renowned voice actor who gave life to iconic characters such as Porco in Porco Rosso, the Studio Ghibli film, has passed away.

The interpreter lost his life in a hospital in Saitama, Japan, on February 9 at the age of 86 due to pneumonia, as confirmed by the family through the deceased’s Twitter profile.

Moriyama dedicated his professional life to dubbing and acting, leaving a legacy full of characters with his voice, Porco.

On the one hand, the actor participated in all kinds of audiovisual productions, such as Shall we dance? (1996), to videogames, where he voiced characters like Flotsam or Jetsam ( Kingdom Hearts ), Wagram ( The Last Remnant ), or Cid ( Final Fantasy Type-o ).

Also, he worked for animated films, such as Ninja Scroll (1993), Captain Harlock: Arcadia of my youth (1982), documentaries, and even in plays. Lastly, he was voiced by international actors such as Telly Savalas, Spencer Tracy, and Charles Bronson .

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