Shooting Stars Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Updates

The increasing proliferation of original plot ideas in Korean dramas has made them a worldwide phenomenon. The Korean drama Shooting Star is a good example. On April 22nd, 2022, the debut of the drama aired. It’s a drama that spans 16 episodes, each of which is around an hour long. Based on my drama list data, it has garnered the attention of over 23,000 viewers. The drama focuses on one celebrity’s life and the challenges that come with being in the public eye. Choi Young-woo and Lee Soo-Hyun are the drama’s writers and director, respectively.

Two people’s stories are intertwined throughout. Oh Han-byul is a modest young woman who manages the public relations department at a production firm. She oversees celebrity crises and, while this may sound glamorous, she actually works very hard. She is employed by the internationally renowned actor Gong Tae-sung. They couldn’t be more different from one other, but they find themselves falling in love anyhow. The finale of this highly popular drama airs next week, and fans everywhere are wondering if they may expect a second season.

Shooting Stars Season 2 Renewal Status

As of April 22, 2022, the first season of Shooting was available on TVN. Meanwhile, we’d like to let the fans know that there has been no confirmation from the network that Shooting Stars will return for a second season. However, viewers should be aware that most Korean dramas are canceled after the first season.

Thus, it seems unlikely that Shooting Stars will return for a second season. The first season’s reception will determine whether or not the show is renewed for a second. While the fate of the show is still up in the air, viewers can catch up on the first season by watching it on iQIYI.

Shooting Stars Season 2 Release Date

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, you probably know how the renewal process works. But if you’re new to drama and have no idea what you’re doing, have no fear; we’ve got you covered. The drama only has 16 episodes, and often Korean dramas with so few episodes do not get renewed. However, the likelihood of a drama like Shooting Stars being renewed is extremely low for two main reasons.

The first is the drama’s poor performance in South Korea, and the second is that we can expect some sort of resolution by the series’ end. Since we can never be sure, we will keep you posted in case the producers decide to bring back the drama for a second season despite the fact that there is no reason for it to be renewed.

Shooting Stars Storyline

The new drama Shooting Stars joins a packed weekend schedule of K-dramas. Recently, this romance drama has been criticized for its stereotypical portrayal of Africa, yet it has emerged stronger than ever. The notion, however, transports us to the realm of show business, where people toil night and day to fix the problems caused by celebrities.

Lee Sung-Kyung’s Oh Han-Byul heads up the PR department of the agency. Gong Tae-Sung (Kim Young-Dae), one of her most important clients, is infallible. They went to the same high school and university, where he earned a reputation as Han-Byul’s mortal enemy. These two seem to be on the verge of moving from adversaries to lovers, despite the fact that they argue over everything together.

Shooting Stars Cast

  • Lee Sung-kyung as Oh Han-byul: Head of the public relations department of Star Force Entertainment.
  • Kim Young-dae as Gong Tae-sung: A top star actor who is signed with Star Force Entertainment.
  • Moon Seong-hyun as teenage Gong Tae-sung
  • Yoon Jong-hoon as Kang Yu-sung: A manager with good looks and good manners who is often mistaken for a celebrity.
  • Kim Yoon-hye as Park Ho-young: A former Taekwondo player turned manager.
  • Lee Jung-shin as Do Soo-hyuk: A corporation lawyer and the consultant of Star Force Entertainment.
  • Park So-jin as Jo Ki-bum: Oh Han-byul’s close friend and entertainment reporter.
  • Ha Do-kwon as Choi Ji-hoon: Director of Star Force Entertainment.
  • Jang Hee-ryung as Baek Da-hye: An actress under the Star Force Entertainment, a fan of Gong Tae-sung.
  • Lee Han-ik as Kang Min-kyu: He was Tae-sung’s new manager.
  • Jin Ho-eun as Byun Jeong-yeol: A new manager under Star Force Entertainment.
  • Shin Hyun-seung as Yoon Jae-hyun: A rookie actor under Star Force.
  • Kwon Han-sol as Hong Bo-in: The youngest member of Star Force Entertainment’s PR team.
  • Yoon Sang-jeong as Chae Eun-soo: PR team member of Star Force Entertainment.
  • Im Sung-kyun as Lee Yoon-woo: An actor under Star Force Entertainment who has been close friends with Taesung since he was a trainee.
  • Jang Do-ha as Jang Seok-woo: An actor under Star Force Entertainment.
  • Kim Dae-gon as Han Dae-soo: CEO of DS Actors agency who was a manager at Star Force Entertainment.
  • Lee Si-woo as Jin Yu-na: A rookie actress under DS Actors.
  • Kang Jun-gyu as Shim Jin-woo: An actor under DS Actors who moved from Star Force to DS with Dae-soo.
  • Lee Seung-hyub as Kang Si-deok: The owner of ‘Sidokine’, a famous soup restaurant in Daegu.

Where to watch Shooting Stars Season 2?

We will keep you posted on the status of Season 2 as soon as we hear anything. The first season of the show is available to watch online on Rakuten Viki.

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