Shino Shimoji joins the cast of Shadow House

The website for the Shadow House anime adaptation unveiled a new member who will join the voice cast.

This is Shino Shimoji, who has already voiced Yuka Nakano in THE IDOLM @ STER Cinderella Girls, who will be the one who will play Shadow Shirley and her living doll Ram in this animated series. The anime based on Somato’s manga is scheduled to premiere in Japan in April.

Shino Shimoji thus joins the voice casting announced for Shadow House to date, which has the following cast of roles:

  • Akari Kito as Kate
  • Yû Sasahara as Emiliko
  • Ayane Sakura as Louise and Lou
  • Kodâi Sakai as John and Shaun
  • Reiji Kawashima as Patrick and Ricky

The CloverWorks studio, responsible for anime such as Darling in the Franxx, The Promised Neverland, and Horimiya, among other titles, is behind this adaptation of Shadow House.

For this, he has Kazuki Ohashi (director of episodes of Kakegurui, Girlish Number, Ace Attorney Season 2 ) as director and Toshiya Ono ( The Promised Neverland, Gatchaman Crowds, tsuritama ) as a screenwriter.

Chizuko Kusakabe ( Pumpkin Scissors, Trouble Chocolate) is in charge of adapting Somato’s original designs to anime. At the same time, Kenichiro Suehiro ( Cells at Work !, Golden Kamuy, Re: Zero ) is credited with the musical composition.

Shadow House has been published in Weekly Young Jump magazine’s pages since 2018 and has to date in the Japanese market with 6 compilation volumes, the fifth of which was launched last June in Japanese bookstores.

The work is published in Spain by Milky Way Ediciones, which has already published the first four Spanish volumes. This is the second work by Nori (screenwriter and illustrator) and Hisshi (designer) that the Asturian publisher brings to Spain, after Kuro’s manga, whose review can be read here.

The Shadow is a faceless clan that mimics the lifestyle of the nobility. They have at their service living dolls that act as their visible face. In this strange mansion that does not receive visitors, soot and golden voices dance today.

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