Shazam 2: Set to release on end of 2020

Shazams’ creators have declared a sequel of it. Yes, Shazam 2 comes with the Zachary Levi again. He cast for Sequel of Shazam. Again we will see superhero after Successful first part of Shazam. He is easily waiting to suit up that costume that he wore in the first part of Shazam.

Shazam 2
Shazam 2

The first part of the Shazam was released exactly one year ago. And now they announced the sequel of Shazam. Shazam 2 is right in DC’s list. To back off Levi was the call by DC. Shazam was adopted from the popular DC Comic character Billy Batson. Shazam was announced in the fall of 2019. Shazam part one got critical success on Box Office. In the first part, boys tell a story, eventually, he becomes the superhero. Levi played that character. Also, along with Levi, Black Adam joined the Shazam 2 cast.

Recently, Black Adam completed the shooting with Dwayne Johnson. The title of this movie has not declared yet. Before Shazam 2 this movie will release. This movie is based on the origin story. First Black Adam was cast for Shazam 2, and then Levi cast for his superhero appearance. Black and Levi meet randomly and got the roles for the movie. They reveal the discussion between them, which is “to pay off all of those Captain Marvel-Black Adam epic fights and storylines from the comic books.”

Shazam just completed the one-year anniversary. For this occasion, Shazam related cast took over their social media handles and share the memories that they did while making Shazam part one. At that time he thanked everyone especially creators of Shazam and then in the caption he reveals the Shazam 2 news. Again he will play Superhero in the second part. On Twitter, he wrote, “So damn excited to step back into the spandex as soon as we’re ready to rock ‘n roll again”

Shazam 2’s director David Sandberg reveals the production news. He said Shazam 2 might be a delay for two to three months from its actual release date. Shazam 2 likely to release in the fall of 2020. Currently, the production of Shazam 2 is paused. Because of Corona, they can’t move the shot further. As everyone knows not that DC postpone their summer movie release dates. And now one more movie joined that delay list of DC and that is Shazam. People are eagerly waiting to see Black and Shazam 2.

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